PHOTOS: The incredible top 20 entries for surf photo of the year

Photo: Stuart Gibson

Surfing Australia has released the finalist entries for the 2014 ‘Nikon Surf Photo of the Year’ award.

The 2015 Australian Surfing Awards will be held in Manly tomorrow evening.

During the ceremony, surfing pioneer Ted Spencer will be inducted as the 37th member of the Australian Surfing Hall of Fame.

Other awards include Nikon Surf Movie of the Year, Male Surfer of the Year, Female Surfer of the Year, Rising Star Award, Waterman of the Year, ASB Surfing Spirit Award, Peter Troy Lifestyle Award, Surf Culture Award and the Simon Anderson Club Award.

Photographers including Brodie McCabe, Ed Sloane, Ray Collins, Mark Onorari and Peter ‘Joli’ Wilson submitted images.

Here are the top 20 finalists for ‘Photo of the Year’.

Photographer: Andrew Chisholm

Dancing With The Devil - Marti Paridisi.

Photographer: Brodie McCabe

Your Curve - 'These two dolphins where playing out in the deeper ocean for some time. As a set of waves came through, they followed the swell toward the shore, racing each other for the key position. As the wave started breaking, one pulled off the back so as not to drop in on the other.'

Photographer: Andrew Chisholm

Giant Among Giants - Shipstern Bluff, Tasmania.

Photographer: Deb Morris

Sea Shell - 'An early morning shoot with this being my 5th shot of the day , I knew that I had captured something special. Two waves colliding forming this artistic seashell, only lasting for a blink of an eye.'

Photographer: Ed Sloane

Aqua Helix - 'The beauty of these rings belies their raw power.'

Photographer: Jack Dekort

Summer Rain - Shot during a tropical downpour at Noosa Heads.

Photographer: Ray Collins

Convection - The force of a breaking wave on this particular spot's busiest day of the year. Observed from a helicopter.

Photographer: Jason Childs

Wooden Boards - Kids in a remote island in Indonesia surf only wooden surfboards. The Pacific Ocean, somewhere in Indonesia.

Photographer: Peter 'Joli' Wilson

Kirra Line Up - 'A classic Kirra line-up shot during a 4-day run of swell in late August.'

Photographer: Mark Onorari

Shadows - 'Shadows are cast by light. Luke Stedman turns his face towards the sun & they fall behind him.'

Photographer: Peter 'Joli' Wilson

Gabriel Medina - In late December, Medina equalled Kelly Slater's record for the youngest surfer ever to win the World Professional Surfing Title. He was also the first Brazilian surfer to do it.

Photographer: Russell Ord

Double Up - Taj Burrow and Mark Mathews. 'Caring is sharing even in extreme circumstances, probably one of the craziest moments of 2014.'

Photographer: Ray Collins

Avalanche - Unknown surfer experiencing the fight or flight moment as a waterfall prepares to land on his person.

Photographer: Ryan Williams

Mick Fanning - Tucks into a tube at his local break.

Photographer: Simon Williams

Happy Chip - Chipper Wilson in the pit in Indo.

Photographer: Stuart Gibson

Nightmare - 'I'm not good enough with words for such a crazy image, but Mikey Brennan dropped down this monster which looked 100% unmakeable. Somehow, he stuck this huge staircase and pulled into a monster barrel, Wave of the Year at Shipstern Bluff.

Photographer: Ted Grambeau

Matahi Madness - Matahia Drollet at the tender age of 16 is towed in to one of the most perfect waves of the season by his brother Manoa, who is one of the most respected surfers ever at Teahupoo in Tahiti.

Photographer: Stuart Gibson

Desperate - 'Matt Stevo at a really heavy shallow wave called Desperations, and right here he's very desperate to get under this bomb that just unloaded on our heads! I love shooting these underwater images showing the crazy storm-like clouds.

Photographer: Ted Grambeau

Matahi Madness 2 - Matahia Drollet again. (Nominated twice.)

Photographer: Trent Mitchell

Mick Fanning - 'Somewhere, Indonesia. A forgotten moment of Mick's during back to back days of mindless travel in search of the perfect warm water wave.'

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