PHOTOS: Brooklyn's Giant Food And Music Festival Was A Blast Until It Got Cancelled

the main stage at the great googamooga 2013 prospect park brooklyn

It was supposed to be a weekend filled with eating, drinking, and music in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.

But rain put a damper on The Great GoogaMooga, the outdoor food and music festival billed as an “Amusement park of food and drink.” 

The festival, now in its second year, got off to a very strong start Friday night, with beautiful weather, short lines for food, and some awesome music. Everything was set for a strong comeback after last year’s mixed reviews

Saturday started off nice but quickly descended into grey skies and intermittent showers. And Sunday the weather was so unpleasant that concert organisers, in agreement with the New York City Parks Department and the Prospect Park Alliance, decided to cancel the day altogether.

We don’t know what this bodes for next year, but here are some highlights from Friday night at the Great GoogaMooga in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

The entry lines moved smoothly at the Great GoogaMooga on Friday.

The main stage looked impressive and there lots of people enjoying the scene. Volunteers from Clean Vibes helping keep the place looking good.

There were plenty of food options and more vendors and vendor locations than last year. Lines were short, and moved quickly.

Friends enjoyed the pleasant weather. We caught these two taking a quick selfie to commemorate the event.

There was also plenty of shade for those looking to get out of the sun.

The Flaming Lips always have elaborate stage setups so we wanted to get a look at the stage prep.

Lead singer Wayne Coyne came out to test his mic levels.

Fans waited eagerly for the show to start.

Finally, the Flaming Lips took to the stage.

Wayne Coyne always incorporates some interesting props into the show. This time around he had a fake baby with him.

Steven Drozd is the band's multi-instrumentalist.

Excited fans really got into the show.

Coyne spoke to the fans about the importance of friendship and love, and dealing with life's challenges.

The message struck home for many.

A fan in the front row listened intently.

Photojournalists rush to get their images up after the first three songs of the show.

But everyone's attention turned back to the stage when Phantogram singer Sarah Barthel joined Coyne, who tugged at her hair.

Of course, the show was well-documented on iPhone.

After the show, concert-goers wandered the grounds and enjoyed the weather.

It was an all-around party.

Fortunately, there was plenty of beer to keep spirits high.

Toblerone had a fun tent setup with a challenge to build a Toblerone tower.

Soon, fans headed back to the stage for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' headlining show.

It was getting fairly dark by the time Karen-O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs took the stage.

The dusk created a perfect setting for the band's dark rock and roll tunes.

Karen-O's elaborate costume and charged singing brought the night to a rocking close.

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