PHOTOS: The Free Software Made In Australia Which Creates Amazing Science Images From Dull Data

Simulated liquid flow with velocity magnitude information mapped onto meshed surface. Image: CSIRO

Workspace, a free software built for scientific applications, allows researchers to present their findings through stunning visualisations.

It’s designed to be used by non-software experts, allowing scientists from all over the globe to use the same platform and collaborate seamlessly on projects.

Workspace was developed over the past eight years at the peak science body, the CSIRO.

It’s already been used for natural disaster modelling, human movement and industrial and agricultural research.

Visualisation of a bushfire using the SPARK software developed using the Workspace workflow engine. Image: CSIRO

One CSIRO team has already used the software to model and visualise simulations for storm surges and flash flooding, helping with disaster management planning.

Working with the Australian Institute of Sport, another team has produced a 3D biomechanical computer model of different swimming strokes, allowing athletes to adjust technique for maximum performance.

Computational modelling of elite level platform diving and swimming (pictured) are used to improve athlete performance and to reduce injury risk. Image: CSIRO

The software offers huge efficiency savings for researchers from all fields who work with data and complex analysis.

“In institutions all around the world, researchers operate within similar workflows; sourcing data, analysing it, processing it – often using high-performance computing environments,” says John Taylor from CSIRO’s Digital Productivity Flagship.

“Very often, this involves a number of manual repetitive steps.

“Workspace makes these steps easy to automate. In one application, analysis that had previously taken two weeks to conduct manually was carried out in less than an hour.”

Workspace can be downloaded here.

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