PHOTOS: The Dramatic End To The 16-Hour-Long Sydney Siege

The 17-hour siege by lone gunman Man Haron Monis, an Iranian-born self-styled cleric, currently on bail over the murder of his former wife, ended just before 2.30am with police storming the building minutes after several more hostages managed to flee the building.

Details as they emerge are here.

And here are the dramatic photos from the scene as the siege ended.

Hostages flee the cafe around 2am just before Police stormed the building. Photo: Joosep Martinson/Getty Images.
An injured hostage was carried from the building by rescue squad police. Photo: Joosep Martinson/Getty Images
Police ready to storm the Lindt cafe just after 2am. Photo: Don Arnold/Getty Images
Police storm the building as members of the bomb squad look on. Photo: Joosep Martinson/Getty Images
Several hostages were evacuated by paramedics with minutes of being released. Photo: Joosep Martinson/Getty Images
Paramedics perform CPR on an injured person as the siege ends. Photo: Joosep Martinson/Getty Images
Heavily protected bomb disposal officers prepare to enter the cafe after it was stormed by the police. The army collaborated with Police to deal with the situation. Photo: Joosep Martinson/Getty Images


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