PHOTOS: The coolest people in Australian tech partying in Sydney

(L-R) Craig Blair of AirTree Ventures, Vinomofo’s Justin Dry, Stylerunner’s Julie Stevanja, Expert 360’s Bridget Loudon, York Butter Factory’s Stuart Richardson, Freelancer CEO Matt Barrie, Showpo’s Jane Lu, Canva’s Melanie Perkins, Trevor Folsom of Investible and Commonwealth Bank CEO David Whiteing. Photo: Business Insider Australia.

On Thursday we celebrated our ranking of the 100 coolest people in Australian tech at Mojo by Luke Mangan in Sydney.

We invited Australian tech’s coolest and most interesting people along to our event.

The group partied until late, through the event and to the afterparty that followed.

Here’s a look at how the night went on.

We held our party at Mojo by Luke Mangan in Sydney.

The warehouse tapas bar is set in the heart of Mangan's global headquarters.

There was loads of food.

And drink!

There was a great buzz in the room

People were mingling and chatting about the list

While some knew each other already, others say it was a great networking opportunity for all

There was a DJ

And the chance to try out VR

Photos of those on the list were displayed during the evening

Business Insider Australia's editor-in-chief Paul Colgan kicked off proceedings with a short speech

And took the opportunity to thank the night's sponsor, Braintree, as well as the honorees on the list

Braintree's head of partnerships, Christine Rodrigues, also said a few words

Mel Perkins, Canva co-founder took the stage

She spoke of her startup journey, and how cool it is successful tech companies can actually be led by 'nice normal people who work hard'

Now, here's a cracker photo!

(L-R) Airtree Ventures co-founder Craig Blair, Vinomofo co-founder Justin Dry, Stylerunner co-founder Julie Stevanja, Expert360 co-founder Bridget Loudon, York Butter Factory co-founder Stuart Richardson, Freelancer founder Matt Barrie, Showpo founder Jane Lu, Canva co-founder Mel Perkins, Investible co-founder Trevor Folsom, Commonwealth Bank CEO David Whiteing

Let's have a look around the room. Here Bridget Loudon (C), co-founder of Expert360 is chatting with Alex McCauley (L), CEO of StartupAUS, and Nick Austin (R), co-founder of Divvy

Simon Thomsen, Business Insider's executive life editor stands beside Claire Mula, co-founder of Sprooki, and Trevor Folsom, co-founder of Investible (L-R)

There were plenty of photos with our media wall too

Here's Mel Perkins, co-founder of Canva, and number 3 on our list!

Justin Dry, co-founder of Vinomofo

And the guys from Mojo Power: Darren Miller and James Myatt (L-R)

The co-founders of Humense, Scott O'Brien and Amber Cordeaux

And Steve Baxter of River City Labs

Nicolas De Bonis, Alex De Bonis and Kevin Jochelson of ‎Workyard (L-R)

Sabine Leroy, Frank Restuccia, and Bessie Hassan of (L-R)

Danielle Szetho, CEO at FinTech Australia

Kiran Kumar, co-founder and CEO at Competeshark

Craig Blair, co-founder of AirTree Ventures, with Justin Dry, co-founder of Vinomofo (L-R)

David Whiteing, ‎CEO at Commonwealth Bank

Aj Tills of Uber, Atul Narang and Mandeep Sodhi of HashChing, James Waldie of Uber, and Mike Pritchett, CEO at Shootsta (L-R)

Creel Price, co-founder of Investible, is here with Perkins, and his co-founder Folsom (L-R)

Julie Stevanja, co-founder of Stylerunner attended with her husband Kej Somaia

Here's Waldie again with his partner, Jane Lu, co-founder and CEO of Showpo

Here's Slack's recruit lead Marissa Senzaki

Clearly a tech event, here's Josh Moses of Google with Nick Ingall and Simon Bernardino of Invoice2Go (L-R)

Blair and Matt Barrie, founder of Freelancer have a laugh (L-R)

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