PHOTOS: The Royal Australian Navy farewells HMAS Sydney

HMAS Sydney (IV) has made its final voyage into the harbour city before its decommissioning.

The Adelaide Class guided missile frigate was commissioned in January 1983 by the Royal Australian Navy and after 32 years is being withdrawn from service.

She received battle honours for service in Kuwait, East Timor, the Persian Gulf and Iraq.

It passed through Sydney Heads early this morning and was welcomed at Garden Island by officers, support crew and former sailors.

The ship will support training before being decommissioned at the end of the year, making way for the new fleet of Hobart Class air warfare destroyers.

This is the fourth HMAS Sydney and the NSW capital won’t go without a namesake vessel for too long. The third Hobart Class air warfare destroyer commissioned will be named HMAS Sydney (V).

Here are photos of the ship entering the harbour for the last time.

HMAS Sydney (IV) passes through Sydney Heads while flying her decommissioning pennant.

The crew line the forecastle during the last entry into Sydney Harbour.

On her voyage she passes a Manly ferry.

The crew are saluted as the frigate berths at Garden Island.

Lieutenant Ben King, takes charge of HMAS Sydney’s forecastle party.

A tug shoots water as the ship sails past HMAS Canberra.

A seaman attaches the berthing line as HMAS Sydney (IV) pulls into Fleet Base East, Sydney, for the last time.

Home sweet home.

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