PHOTOS: The Australian cricket team was still partying at 7am after their World Cup win

David Warner. Picture: Getty Images

Australia won the ICC World Cup last night, but Shane Warne grabbed all the headlines with his repetitive questions about how much the Aussies would be drinking. Twitter wasn’t impressed.

The Australian team doesn’t care what you think. They’d just capped off a marathon 45 days of top-level sporting effort by becoming the best in the world at what they do.

So, fair enough. If you can’t celebrate that, what can you celebrate?

At 2.45am, they hadn’t even left the MCG:

Picture: Getty Images

The next update came from coach Darren “Boof” Lehmann when he posted this to Twitter this morning:



And later this morning, wicketkeeper Brad Haddin, described by Steve Smith as the “drunkest man on the team”, still made plenty of sense for Triple M’s The Grill Team when he spoke with them via Smith’s phone.

Here’s the highlights:

  • “I’ve got a coach who’s spooning the World Cup who can’t speak.”
  • “I’ve got James Faulkner who’s got his clothes off but don’t tell everyone.”
  • “And I’ve got the Marsh boys, and you know I can’t even talk about the Marsh boys because you know what trouble they have.”
  • “I’ve got Josh Hazlewood … he’s never been drunk in 30 years. It’s a problem. We just can’t get him drunk. He’s an absolute nightmare to drink with.”