PHOTOS: The Antonov 225 Mriya, the world's biggest plane, prepares for its first ever trip to Australia

Photo: Supplied.

This weekend the world’s largest aircraft, the Antonov 225 Mriya, will land in Perth.

The Ukraine-built six-engine, 600-tonne plane is delivering a 117-tonne power generator from the Czech Republic to a mining company in Western Australia.

Logistics company DB Schenker would not reveal to Business Insider who the client was.

Overall the aircraft will have a nine-day trip from Ukraine, including loading at Prague Airport and several refuelling stops en-route across Eurasia, India and South East Asia.

It is scheduled to arrive in Perth on May 15 at 10am, where it will stay for two days.

Deutsche Welle TV, a German television broadcaster, is creating a logistics documentary depicting the journey of the generator and will travel on board the plane all the way from Prague to Perth.

Thousands of spectators are expected at the airport to witness the Antonov 225’s first visit to the country.

“The excitement and expectations around the imminent arrival of the Mriya are high. We are delighted to lead this impressive and thrilling project,” says Frank Vogel, director of projects, oil and gas at DB Schenker.

To put the aircraft’s size into perspective, it could easily swallow a Boeing 737 — with space to spare.

It was designed and developed in the 1980s and originally earmarked to carry the “Buran” space shuttle.

It’s the only aircraft of its kind in the world and has been utilized as a commercial freighter to assist with worldwide ultra-heavy cargoes and humanitarian relief work for the past three decades.

Here’s more details of the plane’s specifications.

Here’s the plane being loaded up with the mining cargo

Photo: Supplied.

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