See What A Famed Syrian Market Looked Like Before It Was Destroyed By Fire

aleppo souq


An famous souk in Aleppo, Syria was ravaged by fire today.The 14th-century marketplace was a UNESCO world heritage site that lived on as a thriving market and tourist attraction. But up to a thousand shops are thought to have been destroyed in a fire started amid heavy fighting between government forces and the Aleppo rebels.

Now the souq, along with other UNESCO sites, may have been destroyed. We tracked down pictures of this once beautiful place.

The largest covered market in the world ...

The winding alleys of the ancient souq stretched over 13 kilometers

It was a favourite destination for tourists, but where locals shopped too

A place you could buy raw silk from Iran, spices and dyes from India, and more

But this was before Syria broke into civil war and Aleppo became the rebel base

Now look at it

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