Here's Everything You Missed From The ESPY Awards Last Night

Brian Wilson, 2012 ESPYs

Photo: ESPN

On the slowest sports day of the year, your options were, Dwight Howard rumours, the triple-A All-Star game, or ESPN’s ESPY Awards.On the one hand, the award show does help raise money for the Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research. But the awards themselves seem like a concoction by ESPN to showoff how many cool friends they have.

Still, it is always fun to see the athletes off the fields and courts, and out of their uniforms. And when that happens, funny and entertaining things are bound to happen.

The seats were carefully marked beforehand. But, Dallas Mavericks?

The red carpet was quiet, but it wouldn't be for long

Lindsey Vonn was among the early arrivers

It's almost as if we can't see Robert Griffin III without Brittney Griner anymore

And of course RG3 had some colourful socks on

I've seen more spectators at the Elmo show at Sea World

Eli Manning's own star shines bright these days

Poor Jennie Finch getting photo-bombed by the LA Kings mascot

From 'Revenge of the Nerds' to doing promo work for a credit card at the ESPYs

Rob Gronkowski's poor brothers are about to be shown a naked picture of their brother from ESPN the Magazine

Like Griner and RG3, Drew Brees and Kenny Chesney are inseparable

Jeremy Lin rockin' the bow tie

Poor Bubba Watson, having to share a set with Maria Sharapova

Is that Russell Westbrook?

Donald Driver showing off his 'Dancing with the Stars' moves

Steve Nash's date was an accident waiting to happen

The not-so-popular music act morphed into a Rams-back-to-LA rally

Once inside, Rob Riggle was joined by the KU mascot during the intros

ESPN would love for us to think these awards mean something

Evan Longoria failed to judge the camera angle and clap-blocked his date, playmate Jaime Edmondson

The U.S. Men's Olympic team was in Las Vegas and couldn't make the gruelling 45-min flight

Without the 'Big 3,' the 'Other 2,' had to accept an award for the Miami Heat

The Kardashians are everywhere

Mike Piazza is looking a little too much like Meatloaf these days

This is what it looks like when a 6-foot-8 woman (Brittney Griner) hugs a 5-foot-2 woman (Hayden Panettiere)

Hayden Panettiere's reaction was as expected

There was a tribute to Pat Summitt that included this mesmerizing image

'Aaron, is that rain?'

Lindsey Vonn shows us that Tebowing is not easy in a dress and heals

The most touching moment of the night was when Eric LeGrand came out on stage

Steve Nash started the evening doing a spot with Tim Tebow and ended it with Danica Patrick. Oh right, he's an L.A. Laker now.

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