PHOTOS: Sydney's Circular Quay Evacuated In Bomb Scare

Sydney’s busy transport hub Circular Quay was cordoned off today after a suspicious object was found on a ferry.

There were reports that it was a bottle with liquid, nails and wires in it.

NSW police media have since confirmed the object was not dangerous.

Circular Quay is a popular tourist area for visitors to Sydney. It is the crossroads for 28 million passengers each year on ferry services, buses and trains, according to Architecture Insights.

Here are some photos of the police operation as it happened.

About 50 police.

Alfred Street...

To Pitt Street cordoned off.

Tourists asking questions.

But are being evacuated from the scene.

Wharves were shut.

Hazmat crews arrived.

Police deemed the package to be not suspicious and are reopening the area.

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