PHOTOS: SurveyMonkey's new Asia-Pacific HQ in Sydney

SurveyMonkey, a decision-making and data insights platform, opened its Asia-Pacific HQ in Sydney on Thursday.

Australia is a key market for the company, having experienced a 116% year-on-year growth in the region.

The Sydney office is SurveyMonkey’s largest investment outside of the US and Europe.

Leading the team is former LinkedIn exec, Tony Ward.

Business Insider sat down with Ward, and CEO Zander Lurie, who is visiting Sydney this week, to discuss why Australia was chosen over the more central countries in the market.

Lurie began by saying the company was “born to go global”.

“You don’t have to have offices all over the place to go global because of the internet. As we’ve expanded we’ve tried to pick markets where we have a good foothold in, and Australia is a great market,” he said.

“It’s a culture that appreciates data, and we have a terrific base of users here.

“We’re a business that’s over 15 years old and we’re still earlier in the growth phase. This is a massive market for us. Australia is one of our most important markets, on top of what is going to be the broader APAC strategy, and that’s why we’re here. We’re going to continue to invest in people and spend, and make sure we capitalise on that.”

Ward said overall subscriptions have grown 45% in Australia.

“It’s always been a really big market — it’s the third biggest market for SurveyMonkey globally’ he said, adding that Australia’s early adoption of technology and booming small business growth is a great opportunity.

That, and apparently the late Dave Goldberg, former CEO of SurveyMonkey, had a soft spot for the city. He lived here in the early 1990s while setting up the Sydney office for management consultants Bain & Co.

In total, more than 50,000 businesses are now using SurveyMonkey in Australia, including major clients such as the NRL, Lindt, REA and Dropbox.

The APAC HQ opening follows the launch of the newly-acquired TechValidate product in Australia, which collects and transforms customer experience data into key insights.

Business Insider took a quick tour of the local digs.

Here’s what they look like.

In the ASX building on Bridge St, SurveyMonkey joins a band of other tech companies. The office is 250 square-metres, with the opportunity to expand.

The first room you see when you walk in is the 'Goldie' boardroom. The room was named after the late CEO Dave Goldberg, who died last year.

Since his death the company has continued his legacy.

Goldberg was a great lover of music. In fact in 1994 he founded Launch Media which put music content online -- legally. He later sold it to Yahoo and went on to run Yahoo’s music business.

Using this as inspiration, the meeting rooms in the APAC office are named after famous Australian bands including Crowded House...


Men at Work, and more.

The design follows the style used by the company's new office in Ottawa, Canada. Ward said by keeping with themes of the other offices it's a great way to stay unified and connected.

All open plan, fitted out with the latest tech, and adjustable standing desks, the office has room for 35 employees.

It's roomy, edgey and fun.

This mural of a 'SurveyMonkey' was painted by one of the employees.

The chill out area looks comfortable and welcoming. It includes gaming consoles and other entertainment for the employees to enjoy in their break or after work.

It's also portable. The divider and the TV both move to create a bigger space for functions.

A couple of days a week the company shouts lunch. Looks like sandwiches are on the menu today.

There are also free communal snacks, soft drinks and beer.

Look up! The branding is even in the lighting as green ropes threaded through the contemporary bulb lights.

Promoting a healthy work lifestyle, everyone has a locker for exercise gear.

Heading outside, the office has full access to the veranda which is covered in AstroTurf and cool seating arrangements.

The view's not bad either.

Sydney Harbour Bridge glimpses!

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