Here's What Happened When 40,000 Food-Loving Hipsters Descended On Prospect Park This Weekend

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Photo: Daniel Goodman / Business Insider

This weekend foodies, hipsters, and music lovers descended on The Nethermeads section of Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York for the Great GoogaMooga, a new outdoor food and music festival from Superfly that was touted as an “Amusement Park of Food and Drink.”The weather was beautiful and people came in droves. Unlike traditional music festivals, where the bands come first and the grub comes second, GoogaMooga placed food at the fore. Perhaps the crowd was bigger than anticipated (40,000 tickets to the event were sold, in total), because the one big problem with the day was the long lines.

But while the waits were the number one complaint we heard, when actually asked, most festival-goers said they had a great time overall.

While the event wasn’t perfect, we can only imagine that next year’s GoogaMooga will be even better than this year’s.

We knew we were in the right place when we saw the sign for a Bike Valet.

Finding the Press check-in was tough until we met this guy. There were staffers with signs like this everywhere to provide directions and advice.

And then we were in...and it was PACKED!

While General Admission tickets were free for early registrants, the food wasn't.

We checked the schedule.

And took another look at the crowds.

We decided to venture in to the Extra Mooga VIP section, where tickets were $250.

Good timing! We caught an interesting chat about the nature of the celebrity chef.

David Chang (chef/owner Momofuku restaurant group )led the conversation. Aziz Ansari was very interested.

In other areas of Extra Mooga there were special food tasting event. This one paired bacons and beers--two of our favourite things!

The festival is all about the food, so we made our way to the vendors. At Umami Burger, a small Cali chain, the burgers were going fast.

And the cooks were working hard. Extra Mooga tickets included food but ticketholders still had to wait on long lines to get it.

Head chef John Herndon cooked us up a couple burgers to shoot...and eat.

The Truffle Burger was covered in delicious toppings.

The Hatch Burger. Both were delicious!

Next it was over to Hamagedon.

They were busy slicing up this brisket.

Served with an excellent corn salsa.

Overcome with thirst, it was time for a beer.

And then back out to the general admission area. The ID Check and Beverages lines were some of the longest.

Lots of places were cooking up burgers.

A simple, no-frills cheeseburger.

The scene from the vendors' perspective.

On the other side of the fence the lines looked more daunting.

With classic Superfly humour, signs were prepped in advance to make light of the lines and keep people entertained.

Kasadela chicken wings were a big hit.

As were Char No. 4's sausages.

There were a lot of families in attendance.

Marc Maron recorded an episode of his WTF Podcast in the Extra Mooga part of the festival and here he is conducting an interview after.

A mum changing a diaper...

While dad takes a rest.

Back in the general admission area they had food-themed arcade games.

And the crowd swelled as everyone got ready for The Roots to take the stage.

But the music didn't mean an end to the food.

The Roots finally took to the main stage.

We slipped up close for photos.

They were rocking out.

Black Thought's thought provoking vocals.

Kids backstage.

The fans loved it.

Some were dancing like crazy.

And everyone was snapping photos.

Cool tattoo.

Couples' moment.

Enjoying the end of the show.

As the day ended, vendors relaxed and started eating and taking pictures.

And the big cleanup began.

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