PHOTOS: Some Of The Incredibly Moving Tributes To The Sydney Siege Victims At Martin Place

Sydney’s Martin Place, the site of the siege which ended in a barrage of gunfire in the early hours of Tuesday morning, has been transformed into an evolving memorial.

People are lining up to pay their respects to the 17 hostages whose lives were transformed forever by the horrific acts of lone gunman Man Horan Monis, who was shot dead when police stormed the Lindt Cafe.

More than two days on and the tributes are still pouring in. NSW Premier Mike Baird described the site as the “beating heart” of the city.

It’s now a space where Sydneysiders are coming together to process the trauma and mourn the loss of barrister Katrina Dawson and Lindt Cafe manager Tori Johnson.

Here are some of the moving notes and gifts from within the sea of tributes covering Martin Place.

A child who knew Katrina Dawson wrote this heartbreaking card

There are messages of resilience.

Some have left coffee.

Some are offering hugs.

Others are offering to listen.

People have lit candles and made origami hearts.

Others have left photos and Lindt chocolates.

There are poems.

A few simple, heartfelt words.

There are messages of strength.

And ones of gratitude.

There are reminders that Australia stands together.

There are messages expressing shock and recognising bravery.

Some tributes are asking for peace.

There are messages conveying solidarity.

There are messages of sadness.

There are message people thought would never be read.

There are reminders of how close to Christmas this tragedy occurred.

Others are asking Sydney to be strong and keep moving on.

Some recognise the bravery of the police involved in the siege.

There are messages recognising this siege has changed Sydney.

Some offer words of support to the families of the hostages.

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