PHOTOS: Snakes In Queensland Are Eating People's Pets

The police weren’t able to fully identify this pet other than saying ‘tail indicates it could have been a cat’.

This summer there has been rise in call-outs for reptile catchers in Queensland from people who have had their domestic pets eaten by snakes.

In a report from Logan police, warm weather and favourable conditions have lured numerous snakes into neighbourhoods and, unfortunately, into the hutches and homes of families’ pets.

The Logan police have asked people to adequately protect their chickens, guinea pigs, birds and other smaller pets from the slithering reptiles.

“It is very important that the appropriate snake proof wire mesh is used,” the report reads.

“It also needs to be applied effectively to reduce the risk of losing your loved pets to the inevitable attraction of the ubiquitous snake in the bird cage with a funny lump and no parrot!”

“…remember also to secure lids on hatches in such a manner that gaps or unweighted lids cannot be squeezed through.”

One of the most recent victims was “Fluffy Wuffy” the guinea pig. The animal was kept in a hutch which was snake-proofed with wire but a python still managed to lift an insecure lid and get inside.

Here are photos of some satisfied snakes after a meal.

The snake that got Fluffy Wuffy. The cage behind the catcher was built solid, but not solid enough.

Photo: Logan Police.

This is the snake that got ‘the cat’. Poor kitty!

Photo: Logan Police.

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