LIFE IN THE 1970s: Skateboarding And Hanging Out In Sunny California

skateboarding, california, 1970s

Photo: Hugh Holland /

It’s summertime and there is no better way to spend your days than being active outside.We are taking a look back at California’s skateboarding culture in the 1970s to reminisce about what life was like before people were obsessed with gadgets and screens.

Photographer Hugh Holland captured the unique lifestyle of young people hanging out in Burbank, Huntington Beach, Balboa and other hotspots in California.

M+B, the gallery representing Hugh Holland, kindly gave us permission to publish this amazing photo collection.

Sidewalk Surfer, Huntington Beach (1976)

Reach Out (1976)

Tube Socks on Board, Marina Del Rey Skate Park (1977)

Stacy Peralta Ripping at Coldwater Canyon Pool (1977)

Carlsbad Skate Park (1977)

Sidewalk Surfer Pit Stop, Huntington Beach (1975)

Hangin' in Balboa (1975)

Down on the Corner-- Danny Kwock At Balboa Beach (1975)

LEFT: Toppling Bull, Hollywood Hills (1975); MIDDLE: Arthur's Attitude (Arthur Lake), Kenter Canyon Elementary (1976); RIGHT: Laid Out at Kenter (1976)

Skate Shooter, Kenter Canyon (1976)

On the Rocks at Arthur's Pool, Santa Monica (1976)

Riding to Ride, Highway 80 (1977)

Skate Contest Spectators, Torrance (1975)

La Bufadora (Todd Foot), Ensenada (1977)

Green Coping (1976)

Hollywood Local (1976)

Schoolyard Invasion, Brentwood (1976)

Downtown Tricks, Burbank (1975)

Jesus Saves, Marina Del Rey (1977)

How Many (1970s)

Canyon Sunset Ride, Hollywood Hills (1975)

Dog Day Down, Kenter Canyon Elementary (1976)

Collision on the Ramp, Redondo Beach Pier (1975)

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