PHOTOS: Six Extraordinary Cars Clive Palmer Owns We'd Love To See Him Arrive At Parliament In

Fairfax MP Clive Palmer with his Rolls-Royce. Well, one of them. Source: supplied

Mining millionaire, federal MP and car enthusiast Clive Palmer arrived at Parliament this week in a Rolls-Royce Phantom V he just happens to own, arguing that by arriving in his own chauffeur-driven car, rather than the chauffeur-driven Commonwealth cars used by most MPs, he was saving taxpayer money.

Clive has a $20 million car collection, with more than 100 cars housed at the Palmer Motorama at the Palmer Coolum Resort.

Palmer Motorama is open to visitors, including Australian taxpayers. Admission is $37.50, $19 for children 5-14 and $100. For details phone the Palmer Coolum Resort on (07) 5446 1234.

Here are six cars on show at the museum it would be great to see the Member for Fairfax arrive at Parliament in.

1927 Chevrolet Tourer

When legislation to impose a debt levy on people earning more than $180,000 comes before the Senate, how could Clive not drive his Chevy to the levy? This refurbished 1927 Chevrolet Tourer is one of the last built with rear breaks only, a symbolic gesture to parliaments with a House of Review, surely. It also brings a touch of Chicago gangster chic to the government’s money bills too.

1928 Horch 8-305 Tourer

Take note George Brandis, there’s an interesting lesson in intellectual property and copyright behind this 1928 Horch 8-305 Tourer. Horch founder and designer August Horch, who previously worked for a bloke called Karl Benz, lost a legal fight to use his own name and thus founded a new brand: Audi. He eventually got the company back when it merged with Audi and two other car companies in the 1930s.
The Horch Tourer is a straight eight and one of the first cars with front wheel drum brakes, with a top speed of 100kmh.

1907 Fiat Brevetti Landaulet

Here’s a good example of globalisation, just six years after the Australian Parliament was founded. This 1907 Fiat Brevetti Landaulet was actually built in America, one of 1600 made in a seven-year production run.

1936 Jaguar SS100

The 1936 Jaguar SS100 two seater cranks up to a whopping 160kmh thanks to a whopping 3.5lt engine. Perhaps for driving away quickly from probing journalists, but with just enough room for Tony Jones. Only 116 were made.

1950 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith

Among Clive’s 11 Rollers is an arctic white 1999 Rolls Royce Silver Seraph once owned by a member of the Dubai Royal Family, but this is one of his favourites, a 1950 Silver Wraith, which he’s been known to sit in and take business calls. There’s even enough room to fit Malcolm Turnbull so the pair can cut a deal undisturbed.

1911 Clement-Bayard

This French-built 1911 Clement-Bayard is rarer than a Senate majority. Only 7 were built and this is the last surviving example. Bayard is a mythical horse, which featured in Chaucer’s epic poem Troilus and Criseyde as the former’s steed, with a 1.6-litre engine. If a politician ever wanted to run the bastards over, this is the car for the job.

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