A Complete Tour Of Silvio Berlusconi's Underwater Lair

Berlusconi VillaAn outside shot of Villa Certosa.

Photo: AP

In 2004, Silvio Berlusconi, then the controversial Prime Minister of Italy, hinted that his luxurious Sardinian Villa Certosa — where he hosted his notorious bunga bunga parties — had an underwater escape route.”It was the secret services who asked me to carry out the work, after I had received 38 death threats,” Berlusconi said, according to ABC News.

Berlusconi may be out of office now, but Italian photographer Antonello Zappadu managed to obtain photos of the lair, which he uploaded to his blog late last week. Zappadu is likely a name Berlusconi remembers — he snapped pictures of Berlusconi surrounded by topless models at the villa which were later published in Spanish newspaper El Pais.

Zappadu has kindly allowed us to publish some of his photos from the lair — you can see more at his blog,

(Source: Telegraph)

The bottom of the pool contains a mosaic of the Roman sea god Neptune.

Questions have been asked about how Berlusconi got permission to build the escape route.

Italy's top spymaster intervened in 2004 to say Berlusconi needed the escape route for security reasons.

(Source: The Guardian)

The cave isn't the only extravagance at the villa — he built a volcano artificial volcano there too.

(Source: The Telegraph)

While Berlusconi is no longer Prime Minister, he still owns the luxurious villa.

So who was invited to wild parties at this mansion? Check out...

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