26 photos show the unbelievable way China is destroying -- and rebuilding -- its cities to fit 250 million more people

If all goes to plan, in 11 years China will have effectively relocated the entire population of Indonesia — some 250 million people — into its burgeoning megacities.

The move is massive, and so are the stakes involved.

China unveiled the plan in 2014 as the “National New-type Urbanisation Plan (2014-2020)”. The goal was to make China even more urban, so that it could finally make and sell its own goods instead of relying on shipping clothes and electronics overseas to make money.

But that kind of migration requires building highways, bridges, and rail lines — and destroying homes or entire neighbourhoods.

China has launched a project too big to turn its back on. The only direction is forward.

Henan province, China, 1867. Mostly an agrarian society, the country was made up of farmers and traders. Even still, with 363 million people -- more than the current US population -- the country was poised for a boom.

Wikimedia Commons

In less than a decade, China managed to grow out infrastructure around the dam and prevent the catastrophic floods that had once plagued the country. By 2006, the two-mile-long reservoir upstream from the dam had finally been filled.

China is just getting started.

Kevin Frayer / Stringer

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