Inside The House Where Cleveland Kidnapper Ariel Castro Held 3 Women For A Decade

During Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro’s sentencing hearing on Friday, prosecutors revealed photos that give the world a glimpse inside the home where he held three women for a decade.

Castro pleaded guilty last week to 937 counts against him related to the decade-long kidnapping and abuse of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight. The women escaped Castro’s house in May when Berry broke through a door while Castro was out.

Shortly after Castro’s arrest, details began coming out about the horrendous conditions the women were held in. Here’s what the house in East Cleveland looked like from the outside:

Ariel Castro house

In court today, prosecutors revealed a model designed to show the layout of the house:

Ariel Castro model home

During the women’s captivity, Berry gave birth to a daughter fathered by Castro. This is the room where they were reportedly kept:

Ariel Castro house

Children’s items appear to be in this room:

Ariel Castro house room

This photo shows chains that were used to restrain the women. They reportedly weren’t allowed to move around the house without restraints on.

Ariel Castro house

The house was dirty and cluttered. Castro rarely had visitors.

Ariel Castro house

This is the note that Castro wrote in 2004 saying he is a sexual predator:

Ariel Castro letter

This is one of the wigs worn by the victims on the few occasions they were allowed outside:

Ariel Castro wig

Castro is expected to make a statement apologizing to the victims later in the day. Prosecutors have requested that the judge sentence him to life in prison without parole plus 1,000 years.

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