17 photos that show the creative ways people are using their balconies during lockdown

Nightclubs have shuttered, so the balcony has become the second-best option for drag queen Merrie Cherry. Santiago Felipe/Getty Images
  • With lockdowns confining people to their homes, the balcony has become a popular spot for many.
  • People have stepped out to their balconies for fresh air, chats with neighbours, and to cheer for healthcare workers.
  • But balconies have also been used in unconventional ways.
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What was once home to a few potted plants or old outdoor furniture has quickly turned into the most prized room of the house.

The balcony has quickly become a place to connect with the outside world while under lockdown.

People are using the tiny space to chat with neighbours, celebrate medical workers, and soak up sunshine.

But others have challenged the balcony’s limits. Without access to nightclubs, barber shops, or gyms, balconies have become the second-best option.

Balconies have been transformed into upbeat night clubs.

In Argentina, DJ Juan Martinez played music and set up a light show for his family and neighbours.

Paralympic training moved to confined spaces.

Hans-Peter Durst, a German cyclist, trains on his balcony for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, which have now been postponed to 2021.

Comedian Noam Cartozo hosts a show from his balcony in Paris.

With toilet paper strung around his neck, French comedian Noam Cartozo started a daily quiz game from his balcony.

Mother’s Day roses were delivered to balconies via drone.

In Lebanon, Mother’s Day was celebrated on March 21 when students delivered roses to women standing on balconies.

Drag queens have performed from their balconies.

Closed clubs didn’t stop Merrie Cherry and other drag queens from performing live from their balconies and homes.

Spider-Man delivered groceries to balconies in Turkey.

A man brought groceries to couples staying home during the pandemic. His costume was meant to raise awareness and encourage people to stay inside.

The coronavirus didn’t stop Lily Haines from celebrating her 16th birthday.

In California, Lily Haines celebrated her birthday from her balcony while friends drove by with signs and balloons.

This ballerina’s balcony turned into a home studio.

Vivian Assam Koohnavard trains on her balcony in Berlin, Germany.

A couple got engaged from their balcony in Ronda, Spain.

Elena Gonzalez proposed to Juan Manuel Zamorano on April 7 amid the coronavirus outbreak.

An Italian chef continued to feed her friends.

Laura Carrera hasn’t stopped cooking during the lockdown. Here, she lowers food down to friends below.

Balconies have turned into concert halls for musicians around the world.

This woman sings from her balcony in Rome, Italy.

Meanwhile, orchestras performed in France.

A family plays the prelude from Marc-Antoine Charpentier’s Te Deum on their balcony.

Bingo balcony has spread far and wide.

People across the world are taking to their balconies to play bingo with their neighbours.

And closed gyms haven’t stopped people from getting exercise.

A personal trainer instructs her neighbours through a workout class.

Easter was celebrated unconventionally.

In Paris, Easter bags were decorated, filled with chocolate, and dropped down to neighbours living in lower levels of the building.

Artists created exhibits on their balconies.

With museums and galleries closed, an artist set up an installation on his balcony.

Barbershops are now taking place outdoors.

A man in Lebanon gets his hair cut on his balcony.