Here's A Look Inside Fox News' Insane-Looking, Futuristic New Studio

Shepard Smith’s new program, Shepard Smith Reporting, is debuting on Monday at 3 p.m. And along with it comes the debut of the new breaking-news unit led by Smith, which features a state-of-the-art studio called the “Fox News Deck” from which Smith will jump in during different programs to deliver breaking updates.

On Monday, Fox released a brief video of the studio, complete with gigantic touch screens as workstations with “groundbreaking” software that will allow Smith’s team to track and monitor breaking stories on social media.

In an interview with Business Insider last month, Smith explained that he will play the role of gatekeeper — taking what the team tracks and verifies from social media and bringing it to viewers. It’s part of a push from the network to modernize the way news is presented by “escaping the boundaries of the traditional evening newscast.”

“It’s kind of an old 1960s thought that you cram the news into an hour — every day, you have exactly the same amount,” Smith said. “So now, we’ll weave it in all day. Roger says I’ll be on a lot more than I am right now, which’ll piss a lot of people off.

“But news is organic. And we’re going to bring it to you when we have it.”

Here’s a glimpse of the studio:

Here is a 38-foot-long video screen that Shep Smith will control with a remote:

Here’s a close-up of one of the gigantic screens. Smith calls them “BATS” — Big Area Touch Screens — that “information specialists” in the studio work off:

You can watch the full Fox News tour of the studio below:

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