PHOTOS: See the massive waves hitting the Gold Coast from ex-tropical Cyclone Winston

Gold Coast beaches are closed this weekend.

Ex-tropical Cyclone Winston, which devastated Fiji, is causing huge waves on the Queensland coast with harsh weather conditions preventing people from heading to the beach.

A number of surfers have braved the waters by going for an early surf this morning despite the Bureau of Meteorology warning of dangerous surf conditions.

Meanwhile, others have gathered at vantage points to get a better look of the waves that are hitting the coast with water levels likely to exceed the highest tide of the year.

A review into the conditions will take place on Monday to determine whether it will be safe to reopen to the public.

Here’s a closer look below.

People have been advised to stay out of the water over the weekend due to ‘powerful and dangerous surf condition’.

But the rough conditions hasn’t stopped some surfers from waking up early to ride the massive waves.

It’s been a spectacle with some many gathering along the coast to capture the huge waves.

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