PHOTOS: Scottish Independence Activists Are Having A Huge Party Right Now

Edinburgh is devolving into a huge party now the vote is over.

A lot of people are drinking, a lot.

The pro-independence Yes activists have been most visible — this is their issue, their big day.

But the result isn’t in yet. Early polling looks like the country may have gone for the pro-UK Yes position.

Business Insider reporter Tomas Hirst is on the scene. He took these pictures:

He says, “The party atmosphere continues among the Yes supporters in front of parliament but it’s becoming tinged with a little too much lubrication and a few nerves about the prospects of victory.”

Business Insider previously told you: PEOPLE ARE GETTING DRUNK IN EDINBURGH: … folks on the street are already fairly inebriated.

But it has not yet become widely apparent that it looks like “No” will lose. Hirst has heard some ugly anti-English language. The pubs are staying open all night to let drinkers watch the results. The fear is that if the pro-independence people lose, they will get really angry and … bad things will happen.

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