PHOTOS: Russian Company Unveils Plans For First "Space Hotel"

russian space hotel


Russian firm Orbital Technologies has revealed plans for a space hotel, which could be open to greet intergalactic tourists by 2016.  The orbital outpost, which will have room for seven guests in four cabins, will also serve as a hub for scientific research as well as commercial activity — like viewing the solar system with binoculars and cameras from little hotel room pods. 

Experiencing the final frontier from your bedroom window, however, won’t be cheap. It’s going to cost about $410,000 just to get to the commercial space station, and a five-day stay could be around $165,000. 

Russian authorities have welcomed the investment.

“We consider the Commercial Space Station a very interesting project, encouraging private participation. It will attract private investment for the Russian space industry,” said Vitaly Davydov, Deputy Head of Federal Space Agency of the Russian Federation.

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