David Einhorn, Steve Cohen, John Paulson Attend Wall Street's Event Of The Year (PHOTOS)

paul tudor jones

Photo: Courtesy of Bloomberg

Last night 4,000 gathered for what is Wall Street’s social (and philanthropic) highlight of the year: the Robin Hood Gala.$47.4 million was raised for New Yorkers in need.

You name the hedge fund manager, he was there. Third Point’s Dan Loeb “beamed brightest” chatting about his four-month old baby, CNBC said.

Steve Cohen, David Einhorn, Paul Tudor Jones and John Paulson mingled with the likes of Gisele, Tom Brady, while perfomer Lady Gaga “arrived in a glowing egg positioned on top of a cart filled with cakes and macaroons,” according to Bloomberg.

New York’s top brass wouldn’t have expected less.

Thanks to Bloomberg for allowing us to use their images.

Steve Cohen

SAC Capital CEO Steve Cohen and art dealer Larry Gagosian were sat at the same table.

Also on their table: John Paulson, David Einhorn, Boaz Weinstein and Jeff Bezos.

Paul Tudor Jones

Paul Tudor Jones, chairman, founder, and CEO of Tudor Investments, and a founder of Robin Hood Foundation, with his wife, Sonia.

Sonia hails from Australia, and is a former model.

Larry Fink

Larry Fink, chairman and CEO of BlackRock, was wearing 'a Brioni suit.' He's with his wife, Lori.

Fink was a co-chairman of the benefit.

Gary Cohn, Will McDonough (and Gisele)

Gary Cohn, president and COO of Goldman Sachs, poses with supermodel Gisele Bundchen and Will McDonough, VP investment management at Goldman (and Gisele's rep).

David Solomon

David Solomon, co-head of Goldman's investment banking division, with his wife, Mary.

David Solomon is a Robin Hood Foundation board member, and he was a co-chairman of the benefit.

Jennifer Goff, Daniel Roitman and Amelia Wierzbicki

Here's Greenlight's Jennifer Goff (an operations analyst), Daniel Roitman (COO) and Amelia Wierzbicki (an administrative assistant). No photo of Einhorn, unfortunately.

According to Bloomberg, 'Goff and Wierzbicki dressed in Robin Hood outfits on a dare from Roitman. When the invites stating 'green tights optional' arrived at their office, Roitman sent an email around promising to donate $2,000.. to each couple who showed up at the event in Robin Hood outfits.'

Ken Griffin

Ken Griffin, president and CEO of Citadel.

Julian Robertson

Sitting between Mimi Haas, an art collector, and and Marie-Josee Kravis, president of Moma, Tiger Management's Julian Robertson.

David Puth

David Puth, executive vice president and head of State Street Global Markets, and Amy Sinclair of the Robin Hood Foundation.

Dan Och and Donald Sussman

Dan Och, founder, Och-Ziff Capital Management and a vice-chairman of the Robin Hood Foundation with Donald Sussman, who founded Paloma Partners.

They're posing with Representative Chellie Pingree, a Democrat from Maine, and Callie Siegel, a director at the GO Project.

Allison Mignone, Joe DiMenna and Kathleen McCabe

Allison Mignone, Joe DiMenna of Zweig DiMenna Partners, with Kathleen McCabe a managing director at Morgan Stanley.

Purnima Puri and Glenn Dubin

Here's Purnima Puri a managing director at Higbridge, and Glenn Dubin, co-founder and CEO of the hedge fund.

Dubin is a founding board member of Robin Hood Foundation.

Lee Ainslie

Lee Ainslie III, managing partner at Maverick Capital Management, and Robin Hood's chairman

The Robin Hood gala isn't the only event that attracts Wall Street chieftans

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