A photographer returned to New Orleans a decade after Hurricane Katrina to see what’s changed

Ten years ago this week, Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the Gulf Coast and forever changed the landscape and its people.

Considered the costliest natural disaster in US history and the deadliest hurricane to hit the nation since 1928, Hurricane Katrina’s storm surge inundated the city of New Orleans, Louisiana and killed over 1,500 people as flood walls broke and levees failed.

Reuters photographer Carlos Barria documented the immediate aftermath of the hurricane a decade ago, and decided to return to the places he found.

Using photographs shot in 2005, Barria contrasts the devastation then with the city now as it grapples with the aftereffects of Katrina even ten years later.

See the haunting images of New Orleans’ desolation and its slow renewal below, with caption info by Reuters.