Rays Manager Joe Maddon Is Touring The Country In This $US300,000 Luxury RV

With the Tampa Bay Rays’ season now over, manager Joe Maddon has started his next adventure, a cross-country trip in a new recreational vehicle.

Maddon’s new toy is a 2014 40-foot Tiffin Phaeton, which retails for approximately $US300,000.

The manager spent the final month of the season living in the RV at a local park in an effort to break it in. Now Maddon, his wife, and their dog are touring the country, and even spent their first night at the famous “South of the Border” rest stop in South Carolina.

Of course, a $US300,000 RV is hardly “roughing it.” So let’s take a look at what is going on inside.

Here is a picture of Maddon's RV at a park in the early stages of their road trip.

The Phaeton comes with a choice of three extensive floorplans.

The inside is bigger than most New York City apartments.

Here is a view of the main area, looking back from the cockpit.

Yes, they are called cockpits. On a side note, I hope that plant can move.

There are three large-screen televisions, including one in the front and one in the main area.

There is even a full-sized kitchen.

The kitchen's refrigerator is not small.

Here is the bedroom and a look into the full-sized bathroom.

Of course, the bedroom has its own television and plenty of storage.

Here is a closer look at the bathroom.

The shower comes with its own sunlight.

Here is the dining table.

And there are plenty of hide-away counters and tables for Maddon to work on next year's roster.

There is even some office space.

Here is a closer look at the sleeping area.

Everywhere you look there is something that can be pulled out or hidden out of the way.

And yes, there is a fireplace.

Here is Maddon's dog, Winston C. Maddon, hanging out with papa in the RV

Now check out the house Maddon's star third baseman recently bought with cash.

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