17 photos show Prince Charles and Camilla living their best lives on their whirlwind Caribbean tour

Chris Jackson/ Pool/ Getty ImagesThe Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall in Havana, Cuba.
  • The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall recently embarked on a whirlwind tour of the Caribbean.
  • From making their own mojitos to showing their silly sides by posing with statues, the couple proved they’re still young at heart.
  • From Barbados to Cuba, here are the best photos from the pair’s royal visit.

Prince Charles and Camilla recently took a 12-day tour of the Caribbean, hitting five Commonweath countries and becoming the first royals to make an official visit to Cuba – but this trip, filled with mojito masterclasses and statue photo-ops, was unlike any other royal visit.

The pair, who are 70 and 71 respectively, proved they’re still young at heart as they sipped and even boxed their way through the trip, which involved a celebration with Lionel Richie and plenty of rum.

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We’ve rounded up the best photos which show the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall living their best lives in the Caribbean.

Prince Charles and Camilla took a break from their royal duties to make mojitos at Habanera, a restaurant in Havana, Cuba.

Chris Jackson/ Pool/ Getty Images

Charles was clearly proud of his masterclass creation.

Chris Jackson/ Pool/ Getty Images

This wasn’t the only rum they drank. They also got involved in a tasting in the Cuban capital.

Charles couldn’t contain his enthusiasm as he helped to make juice — the couple really worked for their beverages during this trip.

Still in Havana, they made friends with a John Lennon statue…

Yander Zamora/ Anadolu/ Getty Images

…admired a Charlie Chaplin statue at a visit to a community centre…

Jane Barlow/ Pool/ Getty Images

…and Camilla was even charmed by a man pretending to be a statue during a guided tour of Old Havana.

The Duchess of Cornwall made a new companion during a visit to the city’s National Equestrian Centre.

Charles, however, seemed unsure what to do as he visited an organic farm in Havana.

Charles broke strict royal protocol when he hugged a fan in Barbados…

Arthur Edwards/ Pool/ Getty Images

Royal etiquette expert Grant Harrold recently told INSIDER that it’s frowned upon for members of the public to touch the royals. The only exception would be if it was a handshake, and if it was the royal who initiated it.

…And he even got his gloves on and stepped into one of the Havana’s boxing rings to learn a few fight moves.

The couple couldn’t contain the giggles during a visit to the Acosta Dance Company in Havana.

Chris Jackson/ Pool/ Getty Images

The pair travelled in style throughout the trip. All eyes were on them as they rocked up to the British Classic Car event in Havana.

Arthur Edwards/ Pool/ Getty Images

They also shared a romantic stroll on the beach in Grenada — this time, Charles was careful to keep his shirt on.

Chris Jackson/ Getty Images

Earlier this month, pictures of the royal walking shirtless on a Jamaican beach almost broke the internet.

Things got musical, too. Charles got Lionel Richie in hysterics during a reception for the Prince’s International Trust in Barbados.

Arthur Edwards/ Pool/ Getty Images

During that same visit, the royal admitted that Prince Harry had to tell him who pop sensation Rihanna was.

They couple had a blast when they paid a visit to Studio 101, which is recognised as the heart of Cuban music recording.

Arthur Edwards/ Pool/ Getty Images

All in all, it looks like Charles and Camilla lived their based lives on their Caribbean tour.

Chris Jackson/ Getty Images

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