15 Spectacular Photos Of Pond Hockey Being Played In Freezing Weather

One group that doesn’t mind the recent freezing weather is kids who enjoy playing hockey on frozen ponds and lakes.

Much like playground basketball courts, frozen lakes are where many kids go to play their favourite sport and dream of one day playing in front of thousands of fans in the NHL with a shot at lifting Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Pond hockey also creates incredible scenes where sport intersects with nature. On the next few pages we will take a look a look at some incredible photos from Getty and Reuters.

A father and son play on a pond near their home in Banff, Canada

Skaters play amongst ice sculptures in the Czech Republic

Two kids play on a frozen lake in Banff, Alberta

An aerial view of a lake in Banff, Alberta.

Another shot of skaters in the shadows of mountains in Banff, Alberta as the sun sets.

Kids in Newtown, Connecticut play in the backyard as snow falls.

In another Newtown, Connecticut

In Lake Louise, Alberta, kids play hockey as mountains tower in the background.

Warnings often go unheeded.

In Boxford, Massachusetts, kids play after fresh snowfall and amongst the trees.

Another photo from Lake Louise, Canada.

Here is an aerial view of the US Pond Hockey Championships on Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A view from the ice at the Canadian National Pond Hockey Championships on a frozen lake in Huntsville.

Teams compete in the Lake Louise Pond Hockey Classic in Alberta, Canada.

A skater celebrates at the 2013 US Pond Hockey Championships in Eagle River, Wisconsin.

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