Someone In China Disguised A Hyundai As A Lamborghini, Then Tried To Sell It For $US16,000

Someone in China took a Hyundai, made it roughly resemble a Lamborghini Aventador, then tried to sell it for just over $US16,000.

According to Reuters, the car had an ad under the windshield reading, “This refitted Lamborghini car on sale, starting price 98,000 yuan.”

The car was illegally parked on a pedestrian street in Chongqing. Police towed it after they could not contact the owner.

Here’s what it looks like:

The headlamps are roughly the right shape, as is the hood. Not much else is right.

And Lamborghinis don’t have sunroofs and do have Lamborghini hood ornaments.

Here’s a real Aventador:

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