The Final Day Of The English Premier League Season Was The Craziest Thing We've Seen All Year

Manchester City

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Yesterday was Survival Sunday in the English Premier League. And while six of the 10 games had something on the line, the biggest prizes were being battled in three stadiums.Manchester City and Manchester United were tied for the league championship, with City only needing to do as well as ManU in order to secure their first league cup since 1976.

Meanwhile, they were facing Queens Park Rangers, who were facing the prospects of being demoted out of the Premier League if they lost and Bolton defeated Stoke City.

And while all three matches occurred simultaneously, at different points, all four clubs thought they had the outcomes they desired.

On the next few pages, we will take a look at the roller coaster of emotions that led to City’s championship and Bolton’s relegation.

As Man City entered the field at Etihad Stadium, many thought a win was guaranteed

Meanwhile, Manchester United was still hoping for their 20th league title

And it was Wayne Rooney that got the scoring started in the 20th minute

City fans now know that things won't be as easy as they hoped

Mario Balotelli was in uniform, but hadn't played in over a month due to a suspension

Man City scored their first goal in the 39th minute

Now the Man City fans can start to smell the title

City manager Roberto Mancini was subdued. The same could not be said about others.

News of Man City's goal hit the ManU supporters hard. Or maybe this guy was just having second-thoughts about his headwear.

Meanwhile, Bolton scored from this impossible angle just before halftime to go up 2-1

Relegation suddenly seems possible for QPR

And Bolton fans think they are getting the miracle they needed

And as the three matches went to halftime, Man City looked like champs, and QPR appeared to be on the way out of the league

But then luck changed for Man City, when this poorly-played header...

Led to this strike, and all of a sudden the score was level and Man United was up in the standings

Was Joleon Lescott going to be the goat that cost City a title?

And Manchester United supporters were celebrating

But then QPR's Joey Barton lost his mind, delivering this elbow in retaliation for an earlier slight

He was given a red card leaving QPR with just 10 men for the remainder of the match

Barton then delivered a knee to the backside of another player

And almost got into a fight with Balotelli as he was being pulled off the pitch

But even down a man, this gorgeous header put QPR up 2-1, and the Premier League was stunned

Man City now needs two goals to win the championship, and time is running out

Fans were in tears

And United supporters now think the impossible is within their grasp

Meanwhile, the poor crayons now know Bolton will almost certainly be out of the league

Down 2-1, Balotelli's punishment was suddenly no longer important, and he was called on for a spark

This foul by the Bolton keeper led to a penalty kick goal, that tied the game and seemingly sealed Bolton's relegation fate

And QPR fans now feel their team is safe

Not even praying was going to help Bolton at this point

Mancini was starting get animated as time was winding down

Down a man, QPR was playing a prevent defence as City outshot QPR 44 to 3 in the match. But City couldn't find the back of the net.

As the teams entered stoppage time, City still needed two goals, and it didn't look good

And ManU supporters were counting the seconds

Bolton just missed with this header which would have miraculously kept them in the premier league next season

Meanwhile, in the second minute of stoppage time, Man City finally got their equaliser

And now it was a race against the clock with the fans urging the players to hurry

Things suddenly weren't so easy for the Man United fans

Samir Nasri almost cost Man City when he mistakenly let this ball go out of bounds thinking it was off of QPR

And when the final whistle blew for United, they thought they had a championship

But just moments later, Sergio Aguero broke free and scored the title-winning goal with less than two minutes remaining

And the celebration was on

Mancini finally found a moment to smile

Meanwhile, United fans were awaiting word on their radios and phones

And when the gasp of the crowd rang out, Sir Alex Ferguson knew what had happened

Man City supporters stormed the pitch

And in a strange scene, players from both teams celebrated

It's not jail, but relegation must feel like it

Rooney could only applaud the fans as another Premier League season came to an unbelievable end

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