Here's Everything You Missed From The Crazy Olympic Closing Ceremonies

Olympics Closing Ceremonies

Photo: NBC Sports

Two weeks ago, London set the tone for a wild and crazy, yet breathtaking Olympics with their over-the-top opening ceremonies.So it was no surprise that last night the organisers would close out the Olympics with another spectacle that was part gorgeous mixed with a lot of bizarre.

We gathered some of our favourite images from the spectacle, which included breathtaking scenery, marching athletes in odd attire, and an extensive walk through British music history.

The Union Jack was a consistent theme throughout the night

The Olympic torch was actually 204 torches, and each one had the name of one competing nation

The opening scene including a bunch of vehicles that looked like they were made out of newspapers

And a Prime Minister was yelling at people from the top of Big Ben

Interestingly, Prince Harry was the Royal of note on this night

The show ended up being a three hour lesson in British music history

The Pet Shop Boys were rather understated (no they weren't)

Time to clean up?

The Olympics wouldn't be complete without a guy in a harness banging on hubcaps

Fatman and Robin was an interesting turn

Blue bowler hats with working light bulbs!

Lots of athletes recorded the festivities on their iPads

Alex Morgan...just because.

I believe the official term is 'Canadian Tuxedo'

Was professional wrestling an official Olympic sport?

John Lennon couldn't attend, but his face did

More bizarre: George Michael's facial hair, his belt buckle, or how excited people were to see George Michael?

Annie Lennox's entrance was the dark and twisted part of the evening

Hope Solo blew me a kiss!

Reenacting a Pink Floyd album cover

And Russell Brand led the Psychedelic portion of the evening

Fatboy Slim performed inside a gigantic inflatable octopus, because why not?



Somewhere Noel Gallagher was pounding a pint and screaming profanities at the TV as his brother Liam sang a song Noel wrote

That's a lot of grey hair

And there was this, whatever it was

Glowsticks are soooo last week

The Olympic torch was extinguished

And Pele was introduced to signal the transition to Rio

Rio 2016, you are now on the clock

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