Stunning Photos Of Martha Stewart As A Young Model

Martha Stewart modelling picture

Photo: Courtesy Martha Stewart

Before she was the queen of American home life, Martha Stewart was a model. Stewart began modelling at age 15, and continued when she was a student at Barnard College as a way to supplement her income. 

Her clients included everyone from Unilever to Chanel. 

It’s not difficult to see why Stewart excelled at the job–she’s gorgeous. 

Stewart’s company shared these images with us exclusively. Some have never been seen before. 

Stewart was a student at Barnard College for most of her modelling career.

Stewart had a college scholarship to Barnard, but living in New York is expensive, so she modelled.

She said she could make up to $50 an hour modelling (a lot of money at the time)!

Here, she poses in a bathing suit and shows off her fantastic figure.

Most of these photos were taken in the early 1960s.

Stewart learned how to cook, garden, and decorate from her parents.

She initially wanted to study chemistry, but ended up switching to art and architectural history.

Stewart walked in many fashion shows during her career.

She also posed for magazines and catalogues.

In addition to her beauty, Stewart would prove herself to be brilliant.

Stewart also worked as a stockbroker for a boutique firm.

Today, she's known as the most successful home maven of all time.

You've seen pictures of Martha Stewart as a model...

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