This 111-metre superyacht includes a fire-pit, 'floating' elevator, and waterfall on board

AerialAndy WaughMade out of steel and carbon, Ascendance has a sleek, lightweight design.

The British yacht designer Andy Waugh is known for creating extravagant superyachts with dive rooms, private cinemas, and multiple swimming pools.

His latest concept is just as ambitious: a 111-metre (364-foot) superyacht that includes a retractable helipad, waterfall, and “floating” elevator with a wrap-around staircase.

Ascendance — which will be presented at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show — also incorporates energy-reducing features.

Designed with the German manufacturer Nobiskrug Superyachts, the exterior will be manufactured out of lightweight carbon and steel. The ship would also be fuelled by a hybrid, bio-diesel/electric power system to decrease vibration and noise levels.

Meanwhile, the interior of the yacht — designed with the European firm Motor Yacht Design Company — is all about openness, with plenty of lounge space on each deck, as well as outward-facing glass features to optimise ocean views.

Though there aren’t any interior renderings of the yacht yet, there will be eight cabins for guests while the owner’s suite takes up the entire forward upper deck, with a large study, dressing area, and bedroom.

On the lower deck, there will be a gym, beach lounge and a Zen room, as well as a private cinema. The lower deck would also house a spa club with a steam room, sauna, massage room, and scuba locker.

The ship’s main deck saloon and upper deck will be connected by a staircase and atrium, while a “floating” elevator set against a faceted rock wall and encased by a cantilevered staircase allows guests to easily move between floors.

Here’s what the yacht would look like if it were built:

At 111-metres-long, Ascendance would be a huge yacht, but its carbon and steel exterior would make it about 25% lighter than other yachts of its size.

Andy Waugh

Made up of five decks, the ship's sloping features would offer gorgeous sea views from each level. The outdoor deck spaces are versatile and can be customised to suit the owner. Waugh's concept includes a swimming pool with a waterfall on the lower deck, and a 'fire-pit' area for parties on the bridge deck, as well as two sun decks with shower rooms and a hot tub.

Andy Waugh

Other swanky design features include a retractable helipad on the upper deck that can be tucked away when it's not in use. The yacht is all about appearances.

Andy Waugh

Although it's still a concept at this stage, the concept for Ascendance will likely make an impression at the Monaco Yacht Show, when it will be showcased from September 28 to October 1.

Andy Waugh

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