These Photos Show Why China's Smog Problem Is Completely Out Of Control

China Smog

Smog has reached alarming levels in Beijing and much of northern China, forcing parents to keep their children inside and sending many to the hospital.

Monitors say that air pollution has soared past healthy levels, reaching up to 40 times the standard set by the World Health organisation in some parts of the country, according to official readings reported in the Associated Press.

Hospitals reported increases of up to 30% in the number of patients reporting breathing problems, and Chinese officials have warned that bad visibility and hazardous air conditions will likely last until Wednesday, the Guardian reported.

Skyscrapers are obscured by heavy haze in Beijing on Sunday.

Visitors gather near an entrance to the Forbidden city on Sunday.

A man flies a kite near electricity pylons on a hazy day in Beijing on Saturday.

A man wearing a mask walks on a stone bridge in a park on a hazy day in Beijing on Monday.

A visitor stretches her arms as she surveys Beijing's Forbidden City through a haze on Sunday, January 13.

This well labelled image, taken on January 13 by the NASA/NOAA Suomi NPP satellite and posted to the NOAA Environmental visualisation Laboratory, gives a view from space.

Passengers stranded as heavy fog descends on Beijing Capital International Airport this weekend.

CNN producer Steven Jiang tweeted this image which shows just how bad it is.

He tweets: 'Beijing's missing skyline: today (left) vs. what you should be seeing behind me (right).'

Instagram user Ron Cross took this photo of Beijing outside his window two days ago.

NPR Beijing correspondent Louisa Lim reports outside wearing her face mask.

A man rides his electric bike through the smog on a Beijing street in January 2012.

Beijing Capital International Airport stands enveloped by smog on October 30, 2011.

A bicyclist rides through freshly fallen snowfall and heavy fog in Beijing in December 2011.

View of Drum Tower in Xi'an, China, from October 2010.

A haze of pollution hangs over Beijing in October 2006.

Visitors, surrounded by Beijing's smog, stand in line in Tiananmen Square for China's May Day in May 2008.

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