Take a tour of the best airport in the world

Singapore’s Changi Airport, voted world’s best airport in 2015, is the amusement park of travel hubs.

The airport’s attractions include innovative art installations, a swimming pool, cactus and orchid gardens, a movie theatre, and an entertainment complex with free video games. It’s a layover paradise.

In December, Tech Insider named Changi Airport in its top 10 list of the most innovative airports around the world. Take a look inside to see why.

If you've travelled through an airport at some point in your life, you know these travel hubs are stress-inducing, inconvenient, and downright annoying.

Oli Scarff/Getty

There's at least one airport that's gotten it right: Changi Airport, located in Singapore.

Most airports serve Starbucks and bitter coffee served in paper cups.

Changi Airport puts a little more love into their lattés.

If you want to take a nap in an American airport, you stretch yourself across these terribly uncomfortable chairs.

Scott Olson/Getty

Not so at Changi Airport.

For roughly $49 US dollars, you can reserve a nap room for a minimum of three hours.

Source: The Haven

Your reservation comes with a complimentary meal.

We're not sure what these noodles are, but we want them now.

The package also comes with access to a luxury bathroom. It contains a rain shower, restroom facilities, a wash basin, and a built-in hairdryer.

The nap room and other sweet perks lie inside The Haven, a pay-per-use lounge located in the airport's public area. It costs about $25 for two hours, $37 for five hours.

Source: The Haven

Comfy chairs and complimentary drinks await weary travellers.

You may remember doing a lot of this last time you flew over a holiday weekend.

Agung Parameswara/Getty

The Slide in Terminal 3 stands four stories high.

While you sit glued to a wall outlet so you can charge your phone ...

George Frey/Getty

Travellers at Changi Airport take a relaxing stroll through the orchid garden, where there are over 30 species on display.

Source: Changi Airport

An estimated 38 million people will fly on US airlines during the upcoming holiday season, so you can expect crowds.

Dan Kitwood/Getty

Source: Los Angeles Times

This time of year, travellers can kill time in Changi Airport's real-life winter wonderland.

The pavilion features a slide, a glowing ball pit, a ski slope, and even a rock climbing lighthouse station.

Once you fly from Changi, you'll never want to step inside another airport again.

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