Here's a look inside Scientology's sprawling $145 million 'Super Power' headquarters

Church of scientology grand atriumChurch of Scientology InternationalThe building’s Grand Atrium is as long as the length of a city block.

The Flag Building, which is located in Clearwater, Florida, was opened to the public in 2013 and serves as the spiritual headquarters of Scientology.

The massive seven-story building is reported to have cost up to $US145 million to build and took around 15 years to construct.

Also known as the “Super Power” building, it is said to be the only place where the Super Power program — the program that was first advanced by church founder L. Ron Hubbarb — is conducted.

Though previous renderings and plans about its construction were available to the public, the following images showcase the various rooms that lie within the building, from its many auditing rooms to a Purification Center.

The 337,000-square foot Flag Building is located in Clearwater, Florida, and was unveiled in 2013 after 15 years of construction. Also known as the 'Super Power' building, the seven-story property is reported to have cost around $145 million to build.

Inside, the building is composed of various features made from Italian travertine to follow the architectural tradition of cathedrals.

Church of Scientology International

Just beyond the reception is the Grand Atrium, which rises three-stories and covers the same length as an entire city block.

Church of Scientology International

There is a Skywalk along the building that overlooks the Grand Atrium, which houses sculptural representations of Dianetics and Scientology.

The completion and opening of the Flag Building made possible the historic release of the Super Power program -- the service L. Ron Hubbarb developed for Scientologists which is designed to develop what he described as human being's 57 senses, or 'perceptics.'

The grand staircase from the reception area leads to the Flag's Golden Age Bookstore -- the only Scientology bookstore in the world with a chronological display of every L. Ron Hubbard book and lecture series.

There is also a Grand Chapel, which serves both as the base for Scientology services and as a location for weddings and Naming Ceremonies -- where a child is given their name and introduced to parents, godparents, and welcomed to the congregation.

Church of Scientology International

Source: Chuch of Scientology International

The chapel rises two stories and includes vaulted ceilings and hand-crafted stained glass windows that are emblazoned with 'The Factors' -- Hubbarb's summations on the human spirit and material universe.

Pictured here is the Hubbarb Guidance Center, made up of 14 individual centres used for specific religious services. It's said to be equipped with the highest technical standards to deliver and process to more than a thousand Scientologists a day.

Here are what some of the individual rooms in the Hubbarb Center look like.

Church of Scientology International

Within the building, there are also more than 250 different auditing rooms.

In another area sits the entrance for the Purification Center, a service that claims to 'helps Scientologists free themselves from the mental and spiritual damage caused by drugs and toxins.'

Church of Scientology International

There is the Cause Resurgence Rundown, which is meant to 'rehabilitate the individual's ability to generate his own energy and eliminate mental and spiritual factors that inhibit his ability to control his life.'

Church of Scientology International

The Flag Training Facilities span an entire floor of the building and are made up of 16 different course rooms where technical training takes place.

Church of Scientology International

The training floor has the capacity to train one thousand students at the same time.

Some of the rooms, like this one, are meant for training Scientologists on how to become auditors.

Church of Scientology International

There is also the Knowledge Center, which houses materials authored by L. Ron Hubbarb in every available translated language.

The upper floors also house exclusive full-service facilities for contributing Scientologists.

Church of Scientology International

An array of offices reside within the building.

Executives will meet with visiting dignitaries in the building's boardroom, which is pictured here.

Church of Scientology International

There is also an outdoor terrace that stretches alongside the building and includes travertine fountains.

The Sea Organisation Museum is a dedication to the history of the church at sea and is said to house the largest collection of artifacts assembled from the Apollo, the Flagship of the flotilla where Hubbard originally established the Flag Service Organisation before establishing the Flag Land Base.

Inside the museum is Hubbarb's office and research room while aboard the Flagship Apollo and includes original materials from when he was onboard.

Church of Scientology International

Finally, there is an Information Center that provides an overview of Scientology around the world and includes over 600 different films on the subject.

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