Big, Beautiful Photos Of Russia's New Tram Of The Future

The Russian One is a new commuter tram that looks like something from a Sci-Fi film.

The futuristic tram features LED cabin lighting, felt-covered sofas, wooden handrails, and sliding glass doors that operate by touchscreen.

Luckily, photographer Ilya Varlamov was able to snap some pictures of the new Russian One prototype, right from the showroom floor.

Note: All photos shown are used with permission.

The Russia One is covered in stunning glass paneling.

This is the tram's designer, Alexei Maslov.

The interior of the tram is incredibly beautiful.

The overhead LED mood lighting keeps the interior quite bright in the morning, and dim at night.

A closer look at the wooden handrails, aluminium poles, and linoleum floors.

Spacious sofas give you plenty of leg room so you can relax.

The seats are covered in gorgeous felt.

The Russian One is electric and can run for 50 miles.

The tram's exterior LED lights can change colour.

Cameras integrated into the body of the tram feed into a display in the driver's cabin.

Every piece of the Russian One other than the accordion connectors and door mechanism was designed by manufacturer UralVagonZavod.

The attention to design really shows.

The ceiling vents for air conditioning also double as speakers.

According to Vlya Varlamov, this tram driver didn't want to leave the modern tram.

A view of the driver's cabin. The 180 degree view helps decrease what drivers call the 'dead zone.'

The driver's seat, which is covered in artificial suede.

This is the driver's dashboard, pre-installation. There's a USB 3.0 port for charging their phone.

The doors slide open and are operated by a touch screen.

A closer look at the door mechanism.

The first class portion of the Russian One features individual chairs with sofas in the rear.

From overhead, the Russian One almost looks like a traditional tram. Almost.

The Russian One is slated to begin production this fall. Russian cities Yekaterinburg, Omsk, and Moscow are currently interested in purchasing the tram, which will be released early next year.

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