9 Pictures Of People Who Can Barely Cope With This Brutal Heatwave

Half of the United States of America feels like its melting.

The National Weather Service says that heat advisories and warnings will remain in effect from the Midwest and Ohio River Valley through the Northeast for the remainder of this week.

Many Northeastern states logged temperatures in the triple digits over the last five days, and things won’t cool down until thunderstorms roll through this weekend.

So naturally, people and animals are trying to stay cool anyway they can in America’s biggest cities.

Seek inspiration from these geniuses on how to beat the heat.

Sun too glaring for you? Break out your umbrella while strolling the streets like these ladies in NYC’s China Town.

heat wave new york

Grab a rag and soak it in ice cold water, like this vendor in New York City.

heatwave new york hot man water

There are plenty of fountains in Washington D.C. — take a break and ease in your feet like these friends did.

heat wave washington dc

The absolute coldest water is always the melted ice at the bottom of the bucket. This woman in Harlem knows what’s up.

heatwave new york drinking ice water

Send your kids out to play under the spray of an open fire hydrant. Look at how cool these kids in the Washington Heights section of upper Manhattan look.

heat wave new york

They even have them in Brooklyn!

heat wave new york

These girls in our nation’s capital city dance under a fountain of water in one of the parks.

heat wave washington dc

This shirtless man wades into a fountain in NYC’s Columbus circle.

heat wave new york

And don’t forget about your pets! Stay cool, little guy.

heat wave washington dc

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