These heartbreaking pictures sum up the chaos in Greece

Greece shocked the world by announcing a referendum on Friday and immediately placed strict capital controls on the country’s banks to stop locals siphoning out cash. People will be only allowed to withdraw just €60 (£42.30, $US66.40) per day.

While European markets are going crazy and investors are preparing for the country to default on its €1.5 billion ($US1.7 billion) debt payment on June 30, hundreds of people are still queueing around the block to try and get their money out from the banks — most of them pensioners.

A series of pictures emerging from photo agencies and across social media summarise the human fallout from the economic and political turmoil of trying to keep Greece of defaulting and leaving the European Union.

Here, an old woman is photographed sobbing outside a branch of the National Bank of Greece after being told by a bank manager exactly what the capital controls mean — they won’t be able to withdraw their pensions.

Here, elderly people wait outside a bank in Thessaloniki, Greece, in the hopes of taking out large sums or their entire pensions:

Many pensioners were trying to use the ATMs ahead of bank opening, according to a Getty photographer.

And in Athens, some of the crowds of pensioners are getting increasingly fraught with the lack of ability to withdraw their life savings.

Meanwhile, Greece’s supermarkets and petrol stations are already facing a drain on resources as people panic buy the goods.

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