20 Photos Of Overcrowded Places That Will Make You Appreciate Your Space

In seeing a scrambling horde of travellers desperately trying to board a train, or a sea of colourful umbrellas blurring the line where sand meets sea, we are reminded of just how lucky we are to find room to manoeuvre.

The current world population of over 7 billion is expected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050, according to the UN.

These startling images of global landscapes capture the world’s vast population already at its most squeezed — from train stations to tower blocks to sunny beaches.

If you're after a sunbed in Qingdao, east China, you'll be queuing for some time.

You might not even get to swim at all at this artificial wave pool in Sichuan province.

And if you find yourself in Liaoning province, close to North Korea, you'd be lucky to find room to do anything at all.

Because everyone loves the beach.

Humans have always been drawn to water. In Durban, South Africa, lifeguards had to stem the tide of revelers on New Year's Day 2014.

Water isn't just about parties or leisure of course. In India, the Ganges is sacred -- and very busy.

Religion and cause often leads to crowding. In Madrid, 2013, tens of thousands attended a mass celebrating the traditional family unit in Madrid, nine days after the government proposed to change the abortion law making it more difficult for women to terminate a pregnancy.

In Nepal, Nepalese Muslims had to leave Eid al-Fitr celebrations at Takiya Jame mosque, Kathmandu, very slowly indeed.

But despite such a busy world, people still try to move quickly.

Sometimes, though, that's simply impossible.

Although people still try -- like here in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta.

There are alternative routes.

And for those in Dhaka, Bangladesh, there's always a way.


In Egypt, which last year reached a population of 85 million, the line between transport and accommodation is thin.

And around the world they're usually the two biggest difficulties in sport. Back in South Africa, it's not just busy by the sea. During the 2010 World Cup, fans from all over the planet descended on the country. South Korean fans here saw their team draw 2-2 with Nigeria.

Over in Argentina, soccer fans have to jostle for position to watch their league games.

Boxing also brings in the crowds, especially when Manny Pacquiao fights Ricky Hatton in Tondo, Metro Manila.

Some people don't have time for sport though -- not when it's this difficult to get on a postgraduate course at university.

It can all be so tiring. I guess it's time to go home.

Because buildings can be pretty impressive.

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