19 photos of organised closets and pantries that will inspire you to clean

Clean Lines Organising and Design, LLCPhotos of organised closets can serve as inspiration for spring cleaning.
  • Organising your closet can be an intimidating task since it’s often time-consuming and requires strategic thinking.
  • But it always feels better to create a neat storage environment, and organised closets can make your days more efficient, as they allow you to find what you’re looking for easily.
  • Looking at photos of organised closets can help you get in the headspace to clean, as they offer a vision board of sorts for what your finished product might look like.
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Sometimes a smart use of hangers can make all the difference in a closet.

Blue Pencil HomeMultiple rods can make a closet more organised.

Brooke Levy and Katie Savage of Blue Pencil Home separated tops and bottoms with hanging rods in this closet.

Drawers and bins prevent the space from feeling cluttered.

Clear bins allow you to find your favourite snacks with ease.

Caitlin Sirianni/NEAT Method PhiladelphiaClear bins optimise the space.

NEAT Method Philadelphia’s Caitlin Sirianni used clear bins to organise snacks in this pantry, separating them by type of food.

The see-through material makes it easy to see what’s available, and there’s a spot for everything.

Shelving can keep accessories in their place.

Clean Lines Organising and Design, LLCPhotos of organised closets can inspire you to do some spring cleaning.

This closet, organised by Clean Lines Organisation and Design, LLC, makes storing shoes and purses tidy with the efficient use of shelves.

Sweaters and jeans also fit nicely in square shelves, as the shape ensures they don’t become disheveled.

Baskets transformed this linen closet.

The House That Jess BuiltWicker bins create order.

This linen closet, organised by Jessica Micallef, uses labelled wicker baskets to keep towels in order.

Drawer dividers transform chaos into organisation.

Melissa Groff/NamastayOrganizedThis drawer uses a divider.

Melissa Groff separated diapers from clothes, giving this drawer two efficient purposes.

The clothes are also arranged by colour, so it looks even cleaner.

Clear containers save space, and labels make them even more user-friendly.

Danielle Boerger/Simplify In StyleThe labelled containers are easy to navigate.

Labelled containers make Danielle Boerger’s pantry neater and more aesthetically pleasing.

Plus, the large containers are able to store more than individual boxes could, so they make better use of the space.

Colour coordination makes this closet look even more organised.

Hannah KostkaThis closet has a unique colour scheme.

Drawers, baskets, and cleverly used shelves make Hannah Kostka’s closet tidy, but it’s the gradient colour scheme that takes it to the next level.

This pantry is a good example of why it’s best not to overcrowd your closets.

Holly Blakey/Breathing Room OrganisationThis closet looks organised because it isn’t too full.

Holly Blakey used clear jars and open baskets to organise this pantry, but the biggest reason it looks so organised is that she doesn’t overfill it.

The space only contains what it needs, so it doesn’t look hectic.

This closet’s use of shelves, clear cabinets, and baskets gives it a spacious look.

Jacqueline Hempel/Finding LovelyThe closet looks large.

Everything in Jacqueline Hempel’s closet is streamlined, and the use of baskets keeps the contents from looking cluttered.

Hempel also made use of labels, so everything is easy to find.

It’s easy to tell salt from sugar in this spice cabinet.

Holly Blakey/Breathing Room OrganisationGlass canisters work great for spices.

Holly Blakey used a variety of glass canisters to keep this space neat, and the subtle labels make it easy to differentiate between spices.

A shoe rack is a game-changer in this closet.

Jessalyn Oriani/Organising You, LLCThe shoe rack helps this space stay organised.

The open floor space of this closet could easily become disorganized, but Jessalyn Oriani of Organising You, LLC keeps it neat with a shoe rack.

The purses sit neatly above the hanging clothes for even more order.

Everything has a place in this pantry.

Melissa Groff/NamastayOrganizedMultiple types of storage bins work in this space.

Melissa Groff used multiple types of storage containers to organise this pantry.

Cereal and nuts sit in clear canisters, while other snacks are separated into labelled baskets. The tiered sauce shelf is particularly eye-catching.

The labelled baskets in this dreamy linen closet maintain order and look cute.

Sonya MearsStorage bins make this space organised.

Rather than stacks of sloppily folded towels, Sonya Meares keeps her linens looking tidy by using storage bins and multiple shelves.

Everything in the closet has a place. Even pillows are neatly stacked onto shelves.

Hanging snacks take this pantry to the next level, making the food as visually pleasing as it is tasty.

Inside_150This cabinet is organised with hanging snacks.

By hanging bags of snacks, Inside_150 creates more space in the cabinet, as they’re able to use vertical storage they otherwise wouldn’t have.

Baskets keep the lower area organised as well.

Rolled towels combine organisation and style in this linen closet.

Jo MarieThe closet has a sleek colour scheme.

Jo Marie used storage bins, glass containers, and rolling instead of folding in this closet.

The grey colour scheme also gives it a tidy appearance.

Baskets are even useful for organising your produce.

Kristen Hong/Hello NutritarianThe fruit is separated into baskets.

Kristen Hong separates her produce by type into different baskets.

The setup is both visually appealing and easy to navigate.

Every part of this closet has been optimised for storage.

Meghan GallagherThe closet has a set colour scheme.

From the jeans folded over hangers to the shoes on sliding racks,Meghan Gallagher uses every inch of her closet’s space to her advantage.

Plus, the art on the top goes with the colour scheme of her clothes, so it looks even prettier.

Not only is this closet tidy, but it’s also organised by function.

Melissa Groff, Namastay Organised/InstagramThe closet is organised by function.

This closet, organised by Melissa Groff, contains everything needed to get kids off to school on time: backpacks, snacks, water bottles, and more.

It’s ideal for the early morning rush.

Bins and two layers of hanging rods create order in this closet.

Erika/Peony and HoneyThe closet uses hanging rods and bins.

Erika of Peony and Honey arranged the closet so the hanging clothes are separated into three sections by rods, and the distinct areas prevent them from looking too chaotic.

Wicker baskets and drawers also create natural breaks in the closet, again optimising the space.

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