10 photos of organised bookshelves that will make you want to read all day

Katelyn Cole/Bookcase BeautyThese photos of organised bookshelves highlight the different ways people keep their books in order.
  • Many people think of bookshelves as simply a place to store books so that they are out of the way.
  • But they can actually be stunning focal points in a room, particularly when they’re well organised.
  • Book lovers are getting creative with the way they store their books, including stacking them vertically to both optimise space and create an inviting aesthetic.
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Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves instantly make a space feel cosy.

Ashley DusingAshley Dusing has floor-to-ceiling shelves.

Ashley Dusing’s library is covered in books, with each of her shelves neatly filled with great reads.

The aged look of all of the texts makes them seem even more organised, and the matching couch and fireplace give the room a cohesive feel.

Your space doesn’t have to be huge to fit your books.

Nicolettes NotesThe shelves aren’t too big.

Nicolette Cascione made a space for her books a priority in her tiny home, filling one wall with two matching bookcases.

A combination of books and trinkets take up the shelves, and the filled area makes the rest of her space seem larger.

A tiered setup makes these built-in bookshelves even more useful.

Monica Chavez/House of EsperanzaThe shelves go all the way to the ceiling.

These built-in shelves are separated into three sections, with Monica Chavez needing a sliding ladder to reach all of her books.

The books on the top tier are also arranged by colour, making them look even more inviting.

Decorations like photos and candles break up the numerous books on this case.

Kristin Janecek/Stems and StoriesThe bookcase has personality.

Rather than stuffing as many books as she can into her shelves,Kristin Janecek keeps her books in order by pairing them with photos and trinkets.

The other items prevent the shelves from looking overcrowded, and she’s able to show off her personality alongside her favourite books.

Colour-coding and creative stacking create order in these bookcases.

Meredith MaraThe books are stacked in multiple ways.

Rather than lining all of them vertically, Meredith Mara stacks some of her books horizontally. The method actually allows her to put more books onto her shelves, as she’s making use of all the available space that she can.

Plus, the books are separated by colour, making the shelves even easier to navigate.

You don’t have to pack every inch of your bookshelves to make them stand out.

Katelyn Cole/Bookcase BeautyThe shelves aren’t overcrowded.

Katelyn Cole takes a minimalist approach with her built-in bookcases, leaving space between the books on her shelves so they don’t look cluttered.

The brightly coloured books also stand out against the white shelves, making the space look even cleaner.

Sometimes it’s best to stack children’s books with the cover facing forward.

Allison Dunn/Neat RulesThe books are arranged with their covers facing out.

This shelf organised by Allison Dunn shows off the colourful covers of the books.

The setup is also practical, as kids who can’t read will still be able to recognise the pictures associated with the book they want to read.

These shelves are the perfect size for books.

Megan Prokott/The SpinesThe books fit in the shelves perfectly.

Megan Prokott’s books fit neatly into their shelves, making it seem as though the books were made to fit in them.

The asymmetrical alignment of the shelves prevents it from looking cluttered as well, as the staggered arrangement breaks them up.

Some people like to make a statement with their bookshelves.

Bridget/Dark Faerie TalesThe shelves are arranged by colour.

Bridget, who runs the Instagram account Dark Faerie Tales, accessorizes her bookshelves with candles and mugs that match the books they sit near, ensuring nothing is out of place.

The additional stack of books that sit in a spiral give the scene a fun but polished look, taking the setup to the next level.

Your shelves don’t have to be huge to keep books looking tidy.

Sara Meadows/Paperbound SocietyThe shelves are small but neat.

Sara Meadows’ shelves are coordinated by colour, and the matching setup makes them look like two rainbows floating on the wall.

The shelves are full but not overcrowded, so they look clean against the white backdrop.

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