30 Years Ago, Doha Looked Completely Different

desertblooms 1980s doha

Photo: DesertBlooms

We recently took you on a tour of pre-gangbusters Macau.Today, we’re going to visit Doha from back in the day. 

With his permission, we’ve put together some amazing snapshots taken by a fellow who wished to by identified by his flickr name, DesertBlooms, who visited the Qatari capital in the ’80s.   

Doha boasts the highest GDP per capita in the world — $98,000. 

It wasn’t always so.

Here is gleaming Doha today.

Flush with oil money, the city is now a busy metropolis.

It hosts tennis tournaments...

Film festivals...

And soccer matches.

There are now at least 10 five-star hotels.

Doha's strategic location on the Persian Gulf has also brought in tremendous revenue.

And there is no sign it is slowing down.

It wasn't always this way...

In the 1980s, minarets were Doha's tallest structures.

Whatever construction was occurring was not exactly on the same scale as it is now.

More port.


And one more.

Another view of a central residential district.

Overlooking the Doha airport at night.

More Doha towerblocks.

The Emir of Qatar's Jet, 80's chic.

Doha sunset.

A plane lands.

A program for the Doha auto show.

Finally, the Sheraton hotel then...

More timetravelin'...

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