Here's what kids' dream houses would look like in real life — and how much they'd cost

BankrateThis fairy treehouse would cost around $US2.3 million.
  • If you asked your kid to design their dream house, you’d probably end up with a pretty out-there design.
  • Bankrate UK asked seven children aged 4 to 10 years old to draw what their dream house would look like.
  • The drawings were then converted into 3D renderings and valued by Andrews, a property consultant firm, given the current market.
  • From rainbow slides to chocolate swimming pools, these dream houses truly show the amazingly imaginative minds of these kids.
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If you gave your child free rein to design your house, with absolutely no budget, you might end up with a chocolate swimming pool.

Bankrate UK asked children aged 4 to 10 years old to draw what their dream house would look like, with the sky as the limit.

Bankrate then turned the drawings into 3D designs and asked Andrews, a property consultant firm, to value each fantastical home given the current market.

Here are 24 photos that show kids’ incredibly imaginative minds, and how their dream houses would actually look – and what they’d cost – in real life.

Alya and Zack’s drawing of their dream “Unicorn House” is undeniably adorable.

BankrateAlya and Zack’s Unicorn House.

The magical, out-of-this-world mansion features five bedrooms and four bathrooms, an escalator within the tail of the unicorn, solar panels, a rainbow slide, and a large pool with a diving board and a swing.

Here’s what the unicorn-themed house would look like in real life.

BankrateAlya and Zack’s Unicorn House.

Alya’s bedroom comes with its own private kitchen, bathroom, living area, dining area, and a toy room stocked with her favourite dolls and more. The dream house also comes with an epic go-karting track, a soft play centre, and a movie theatre.

In real life, this home would be mega expensive.

BankrateAlya and Zack’s Unicorn House.

“The mixture of the clean lines of the pool and grounds with the playful exterior of the home is sure to bring a smile to anyone coming home after a long day at work,” said the evaluator from Andrews. “With solar panels powering the home, this will add to the property’s appeal. I would suggest we take the property to the market at a guide of $US7.2 million and set a minimum marketing period so that overseas investors get the opportunity to view and bid.”

Though Molly’s dream house may seem like your average treehouse, this mystical house is far from ordinary.

BankrateMolly’s Fairy House Wonderland.

Molly’s Secret Fairy Wonderland is a three-bedroom, two-bathroom, two-story house hidden inside a tree and is only accessible by Molly and, you guessed it, fairies.

The living room, kitchen, “fairy hall,” and a small bathroom are located on the tree house’s first floor. The bedrooms and the second bathroom are located upstairs.

BankrateMolly’s Fairy House Wonderland.

Fairies and Molly can access the upstairs through a grand staircase, which is surrounded by glowing lights.

This one-of-a-kind house wouldn’t come cheap, according to Andrews.

BankrateMolly’s Fairy House Wonderland.

“Whilst I can provide no comparable evidence, I can tell you that magical homes are very sought after,” a spokesperson said. “Three-bedroom homes in the Downs area of Bristol [in the UK] are usually in the region of $US900,000. However, with the security features, magic passwords, and invisible steps … we would suggest a guide of $US2.3 million, plus suitable magical compensation.”

Sally didn’t leave out a single detail when it came to designing her “Bonkers Mansion.”

BankrateSally’s Bonkers Mansion.

Described as the place where Sally and her friends “can have fun after [they] leave school,” the home features everything from edible pink grass to a giant sling-shot.

Sally’s five-bedroom, three-bathroom mansion is actually a mobile home resting on sturdy suspension springs and wheels.

BankrateSally’s Bonkers Mansion.

On the first floor, you can find a unicorn-themed library, a candy room complete with a chocolate fountain and a cupcake tree, two guest bedrooms, the kitchen, the dining room, and a bathroom with a composting toilet.

Other features in the truly out-there home include a music room, a chocolate swimming pool, a chicken coup, and a Rapunzel-esque tower.

BankrateSally’s Bonkers Mansion.

As for the value, brace yourself – the representative from Andrews values it at $US5.2 to $US5.5 million.

Clearly a wrestling fanatic, Charlie designed his dream house around his favourite sport.

BankrateCharlie’s Wrestling Ring House.

The artist took great joy in transforming Charlie’s drawing into a realistic-looking rendering.

The home is fully surrounded by a moat-like pool, and the shape of the house is designed after an actual wrestling ring.

BankrateCharlie’s Wrestling Ring House.

The one-story home features a studio-style living space, with a combined bedroom and living area, a bathroom, and a garage.

The wrestling-inspired main room features a home gym, wrestling arcade games, wrestling memorabilia, artwork, and more.

BankrateCharlie’s Wrestling Ring House.

The representative from Andrews recommended a listing price of $US2.7 million for this fantastic home.

We’ve all seen kids’ drawings and wondered, “what is that?” However, this artist was able to transform Berrin’s dream house painting into a detailed real estate plan.

BankrateBerrin’s Underwater Jellyfish Paradise.

While Berrin’s painting features only a jellyfish-inspired exterior, a table, a bed, and a slide, the final rendering included so much more.

“This is a very interesting home indeed. Which will attract both eccentric millionaires and maniacal Bond villains alike,” the Andrews representative told Bankrate.

BankrateBerrin’s Underwater Jellyfish Paradise.

The ground floor features a full entertainment centre including Foosball, arcade games, a carousel, a movie theatre, a playground, sandpits, and a rock-climbing wall.

“This is a house quite unlike anything we have seen before and with the number of entertainment facilities, we do not see the fact there is only one bedroom as an issue,” said the Andrews representative.

BankrateBerrin’s Underwater Jellyfish Paradise.

Andrews advises Bankrate that the underwater mansion would be worth in the region of $US45 million – probably due to the fact it can only be accessed by submarine.

Sophia from Manchester’s “Doughnut House” is even sweeter than it looks.

BankrateSophia’s Doughnut House.

“Doughnuts are very popular at the moment and this house looks delicious … We also believe buyers will especially like the absence of right angles on the building as this will stop spiders building their webs in the corners,” said the representative from Andrews.

The home features six large bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a retractable roof, a stage, and a large twisty slide on the second floor that leads to an outdoor pool.

BankrateSophia’s Doughnut House.

The garden also features a swing set, see-saw, and a jacuzzi.

“We need a sunny day to retract the roof and get people on stage to have a party. If we can find a sunny day then we can arrange an open house so that people can use the pool and playground.”

BankrateSophia’s Doughnut House.

“Our marketing strategy would be to look to have an auction following the open house with a guide of $US6.5 million,” Andrews said.

Isabella’s colourful drawing is certainly something any parent would be proud to hang up on their fridge.

BankrateIsabella’s Crystal Palace.

It also provided a detailed plan for the graphic designer to create Isabella’s “Crystal Palace.”

The five-bedroom, four-bathroom house has a number of unique additions, including a pet room, a teddy bear room, a disco room, a roller rink, and a swimming pool.

BankrateIsabella’s Crystal Palace.

“We believe the disco room, roller rink, and rainbow water swimming pool will attract commercial clients looking for a guesthouse or hotel,” said the Andrews representative.

Andrews also explains that as a private residence, this house might suit “someone rich and famous.”

BankrateIsabella’s Crystal Palace.

The real estate company would value the property at an estimated $US5.9 million.

Do you want your own door elf? Consider moving into 6-year-old Bramwell’s highly creative treehouse.

BankrateBramwell’s Treehouse.

The four-story house is located in the trunk of a large tree and features everything from a “big, big bed” to functional branches that can pick up large objects.

The home has a number of luxurious and exciting features, despite being in a somewhat rustic location.

BankrateBramwell’s Treehouse.

The home includes a lobby area, lounge, an elevator, and floor-to-ceiling windows that provide gorgeous forest views.

This treehouse wouldn’t come cheap, however. Andrews values the home at $US10.5 million.

BankrateBramwell’s Treehouse.

“‘In regards to value, we are particularly impressed with the functionality of the home,” said the Andrews representative. “Branches that can manoeuvre large objects are an unusual feature and open up the home to both residential and building markets.”

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