India Put On A Spectacular Show For President Obama On Republic Day

India celebrated Republic Day yesterday, the annual event that honours the day the Indian constitution came into force in 1950. This year, US President Obama was invited as a guest at the military parade held in New Delhi.

Here are the best pictures from the celebration.

There were tons of motorcycle stunts.

And balancing acts.

And balancing acts on top of motorcycles.

Orange, white, and green represent the colours of the national flag.

“BSF” stands for Border Security Force, a team of motorcycle stuntmen.

A band rides on top of camels.

The celebration marks India’s 66th Republic parade.

There were many marches.

And Russian walks.

These Indian soldiers display incredible coordination.

Some rode horses instead of marching.

Here are Indian bagpipers.

There were also colourful wagons, each of them representing an Indian state.

Everyone was keen to impress.

US President Barack Obama and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi looked chummy as they watched the awards ceremony.

Hindustan Times/Getty Images

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