29 images that show how humans are drastically reshaping our planet

Aral SeaNASAThe Aral Sea in Central Asia, 2000 vs. 2014.

April 22 is Earth Day, a world holiday celebrating our home planet — and so far, the only one we’ve got.

Yet we’re changing the face of Earth drastically via climate change. At times, it can seem like a massive, invisible process.

But it isn’t invisible. In this collection of images (from NASA, unless otherwise noted) you can see the unmistakable mark that human-induced climate change is making on the planet.

Rivers and lakes are shrinking, forests are being cut down, and as the Earth gets warmer snow and ice are melting far sooner than they should be. Take a look:

Snow melt on Matterhorn Mountain, Switzerland, August 1960 vs. August 2005

Aral Sea shrinkage, Central Asia, 2000 vs. 2014

Melting Muir Glacier, Alaska, 1882 vs. August 2005

Shrinking Elephant Butte Reservoir, New Mexico, 1994 vs. 2013

Deforestation of Mount Kenya Forest, Kenya, 1976 vs. 2007

Shrinking Lake Oroville, California, July 2011 vs. Aug. 2014

California Department of Water Resources/Business Insider

Melting ice in Ecuador, March 1986 vs. February 2007

Shrinking rivers in Arizona and Utah, March 1999 vs. May 2014

Melting Northwestern Glacier, Alaska, Aug. 1940 vs. Aug. 2005

Shrinking Mar Chiquita Lake, Argentina, 1998 vs. 2011

Deforestation of Mabira Forest, Uganda, 2001 vs. 2006

Melting McCarty Glacier, Alaska, July 1909 vs. July 2004

Water drying up in Kansas, 2010 vs. 2011 vs. 2012

Melting Muir Glacier, Alaska, Aug. 1941 vs. Aug. 2004

Deforestation in Rondonia, Brazil, 1975 vs. 2009

Melting Qori Kalis Glacier, Peru, 1978 vs. 2011

Deforestation of Baban Rafi Forest, Niger, 1976 vs. 2007

Deforestation around Mount Elgon National Park, Uganda, 1973 vs. 2005

Melting Pedersen Glacier, Alaska, August 1917 vs. August 2005

Deforestation of the Salta Forest, Argentina, 1972 vs. 2009

Melting McCarty Glacier, Alaska, July 1909 vs. Aug. 2004

Melting snow on Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Feb. 1993 vs. Feb. 2000

Deforestation of Mau Forest, Kenya, Jan. 1973 vs. Dec. 2009

Melting Arapaho Glacier, Colorado, 1898 vs. 2003

Deforestation of the South American Atlantic Forest, Paraguay, 1973 vs. 2008

Shrinking Lake Urmia, Iran, July 2000 vs. June 2013

Shrinking lakes in Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado, 1987 vs. 2011

Melting Toboggan Glacier, Alaska, June 1909 vs. Sept. 2000

Deforestation of Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya, 1973 vs. 2000

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