Inside the world's most adorable Harry Potter nursery

Harry potter nurseryCourtesy Kristi Lee PhotographyThis nursery is magical.

When a Harry Potter — obsessed dad in Illinois found out his wife was pregnant, he knew one thing for sure: He wanted to create a mini wizarding world for his future son.

Today, that baby is 7 months old — and every night, he goes to sleep in the ultimate Harry Potter nursery. (Also, he might be the world’s most adorable infant.)

“My husband knew right when we were pregnant that he wanted to do a Harry Potter nursery,” the baby’s mum, Kaycee, told BuzzFeed. “At first I wasn’t sure, to be honest, but after him showing me some ideas, I came around.”

The nursery was complete in three months, and the mural on the wall, painted by the couple’s friend Nate Baranowski, took just five days.

“I am so glad in the end that I came around to the idea,” Kaycee said. “I walk into the room every morning and I still can’t believe it is in our house!”

Here’s what the room looks like:

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