Stunning Photos Of Everyday Life In Rural China

mountain rice paddies china

Photo: Jesse Estes/Flickr

Guilin is considered the one of the most beautiful regions in China.While some parts of the area have been urbanized, the countryside, home to many ethnic groups, continues to celebrate the past.

Photographer Jesse Estes toured Guilin in 2011 and was kind enough to let us reprint his pictures. The photos capture an old fisherman as he sets sail every morning, as well as the rice terraces that line the area’s mountains.

A Cormorant fisherman in Guilin tends his fire.

A man rows his boat by the picturesque mountains of Guilin.

And there he goes...

Even though residents traditionally used Cormorant birds for fishing, nets are becoming more popular.

A man enjoys an early-morning fishing trip in Guilin.

This is a 97-year-old village elder in Guilin.

The Li River in Guilin, China

Reed Flute Cave in Guilin is a popular tourist attraction. The cave is lit by many interior lights and often hosts light shows.

A Guilin man sits on the riverbank.

A man tills 500-year-old rice paddies in the Longji Rice Terrace.

This man is busy making tofu for the entire village.

For many in Guilin, bicycles remain the primary mode of transportation.

Many of the bikes are old and rusted but still functional.

Estes travels across Asia, documenting the lives he finds.

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